Is MBA from HEC Montreal Worth it?

Is MBA from HEC Montreal Worth it?

Is MBA from HEC Montréal Worth it?

HEC Montréal’s MBA placement rate was 90.4% in 2020, with grads securing roles in top companies like Deloitte, L’Oréal, and McKinsey across Canada and North America.

How long is HEC Montréal MBA?

One-year full-time program or two-year part-time program, approximately 600 course hours. A fully integrated learning approach. International business immersion opportunities through Campus Abroad activities.

How do I get an MBA from HEC Montréal?

Pass one of the admission tests:

  1. GMAT (competitive score: 630 or higher, suggested minimum: 570)
  2. GRE (score equivalent to that of the GMAT)
  3. TAGE MAGE (competitive score: 300 or higher, suggested minimum score: 250)

How much does it cost for an MBA from HEC Paris?

INR 49 Lakhs
The MBA programme at HEC Paris is a 16 month full-time PG Degree that would cost international students INR 49 Lakhs. Other expenses including Hostel & Meals and miscellaneous expenditure would be another INR 14 Lakhs for the entire duration of the study.

Is HEC Montréal a good business school?

HEC Montréal is regularly recognized as one of the top business schools in Canada and around the globe, in rankings of thousands of educational institutions. They confirm its reputation for excellence, one that extends well beyond Quebec’s borders.

Does HEC Montréal need GMAT?

HEC Montreal Admissions 2022 Admission Requirements: Candidates seeking admission must have either a GRE or GMAT score of a minimum of 570 and a competitive score of 630 or above. TAGE MAGE minimum score of 250 and a competitive score of 300 or higher is also considered.

Is HEC Montréal hard to get into?

It really depends on which Msc you apply to. Some starts with a 3.0 GPA like Operations management or International Management, while some like Finance need 3.7 or more. It is clearly stated in their admissions pages.

How much GRE score is required for HEC Paris?

One last note: In instances where schools do not report average GRE scores, we used ETS’ conversion tool to calculate the GRE equivalent of their average GMAT scores….Average GRE scores of top business schools in 2016.

School Ranking Average combined GRE Score (Verbal + Quant)
4 Harvard 328-332
5 HEC School of Management 324-328
6 UC Berkeley (Haas) 327-331