How do P plates work in WA?

How do P plates work in WA?

How do P plates work in WA?

Conditions on Provisional Licence in WA. After passing a driving assessment, a provisional licence is issued. The first period of six months red “P” plates and then green “P” plates for the remaining 18 months. Four demerit points on red and additional four after the first six months.

Can Green P platers drive after midnight WA?

Provisional driver’s licence holders are not permitted to drive between midnight and 5am for the first six months that they hold a driver’s licence (or periods amounting to an aggregate of six months) unless the driving is for education or employment and a 0.0 BAC applies.

What time can P platers drive till WA?

between 12am and 5am
P-platers. Provisional licence holders are not permitted to drive between 12am and 5am, however employment and education exceptions may apply.

Can P platers have passengers WA?

How many passengers can P plate drivers have in the car while driving? During the probationary period, P plate drivers can only have one passenger under the age of 21 in their car between 9pm and 5am. This was introduced in order to reduce the road toll for young provisional drivers.

Can you drive a V8 on your PS WA?

WA Premier Mark McGowan has ruled out making changes to the state’s road traffic law to ban P-platers from driving V8 cars, despite pleas from the grieving family of a 19-year-old woman killed in a crash on Friday.

Can P platers drive turbo WA?

P plater drivers can now operate models like the turbocharged Volkswagen Golf 110TSI.

Can P platers go 110 WA?

P Plate Speed Limit: For provisional drivers, the maximum or P plate speed limit in WA is 100 kilometres per hour – similar to professional drivers. However, provisional driver’s licence holders are usually not allowed to drive from midnight until 5am for the first six months of holding a driver’s licence.

Is it an offence to drive without a P plate in WA?

It’s an offence if you fail to display your P plates as required. You are also not restricted to any particular speed and can drive up to the posted speed limit on any gazetted road in WA.

What are the rules of the road in Washington State?

Washington state law states that upon the approach of authorized emergency vehicles using audible and visual signals, or law enforcement using audible signals, every driver must yield the right of way, and move to the right hand edge or curb of the roadway, and remain there until the emergency vehicle has passed.

Are mopeds allowed on highways in Washington State?

Mopeds may not operate on highways in Washington state unless the moped has been assigned a registration number and displays a permit according to RCW 46.16A.405. Removing muffling devices or pollution control is also not allowed. Mopeds may not be operated on the following: • Bicycle path • Trail • Bikeway • Equestrian trail

When can I change from red P to green P plates?

You’ll start off with red P plates and transfer to ‘green Ps’ after six months. Night time driving restrictions apply to the first six months. You must display white on red P plates and will be subject to night driving restrictions. You must display white on green P plates.