How do I get the hidden menu on my Sky HD box?

How do I get the hidden menu on my Sky HD box?

How do I get the hidden menu on my Sky HD box?

There are a few settings in the SKY HD box which are contained in a hidden menu such as the activation of the RF2 port which is used for distribution of the SKY channel to other screens. To access this menu, press the following button combination: Press ‘Services’ and then press; 0, 0, 1, and then ‘Select’.

Does Sky Box drx890 have WIFI?

Top positive review So just to be clear, the 500GB HD Box with RF1 and RF2 outputs does NOT have Wi-Fi built in. It needs to either have an ethernet cable plugged in, or you can get a small Wi-Fi Connector box that plugs into the USB socket and can then take a signal from your wireless router.

Can I use my old sky box for anything?

Our answer; You can of course use your sky box to receive free to air TV channels if you so decide.

What cables go in the back of a sky box?

OR, AV (red, yellow & white) cable Connect one end to the back of your box and the other end to an available AV port (take note of the port name) on the back of your TV.

Can I convert my Sky box to Freesat?

Can I Use My Sky Box For Freesat? The answer is yes and no here, it may sound the same but you can use your old Sky box for free to air(FTA) satellite TV, but not to receive “Freesat”. This is because Freesat specifically a trade name and a joint venture between BBC and ITV.

How do I know if my Sky box has WiFi?

If your Sky Box has a triangle Sky logo on the front, then the box already has in-built WiFi and to connect you can simply:

  1. Press [setup] on your remote.
  2. Scroll to [Internet Connection]
  3. Follow the on-screen steps to setup your WiFi.

Does my Sky box have built-in WiFi?

You can connect your Sky±HD box to your broadband router using the built-in Wi-Fi capability (DRX890W and DRX895W models only).

Can a Sky box be used without subscription?

Free to air satellite TV with a Sky box A large number of digital TV channels can be viewed on a Sky Digibox without a Sky subscription or a viewing card, as the signal is not encrypted – see Sky’s Free to Air channel list.

Does a Sky box need an aerial?

If you mean will you get access to the standard ‘free-to-air’ channels (ie BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4, etc) – then yes, your Sky Q box will give you access to all these channels without need for a Freeview aerial, but the signal will come from the satellite.

Can you use an old Sky box for freeview?

Re: Sky + Freeview @Nodrog87 No sky boxes can be used as a freeview box as they are two different systems. It can be used as a Freesat box using an existing Satellite dish. Freeview needs an aerial.