How do I contact Raffy Tulfo?

How do I contact Raffy Tulfo?

How do I contact Raffy Tulfo?

Raffy Tulfo hotline If you want to reach out to them without going to their office, you can message them at [email protected]. Those who seek help can also reach out to them through their Facebook page, @raffytulfoinaction.

What is Tulfo radio station?

Originally hosted by Raffy Tulfo, the show is currently hosted by Sharee Roman together with Atty….Wanted sa Radyo.

Genre Public radio
Home station DZXL (1994–2011) DWFM (2011–present)
TV adaptations Wanted (2011–2012) Wanted: Ang Serye (2021)

Who is the founder of Raffy Tulfo in Action?

Rafael “Raffy” Teshiba Tulfo (born: March 12, 1960 (1960-03-12) [age 62]), also known as Mr.

Who produced Philippines Most Wanted?

In 1996, Ben was the brains behind the TV show Bitag and was aired on RPN-9. Mon hosted the program but after its successful launch, Ben left the show. Then in 1997, he launched Philippines Most Wanted (patterned closely to America’s Most Wanted) on PTV-4 but later expanded from TV to radio (through DZXL (defunct)).

How old is Erwin Tulfo?

57 years (August 10, 1964)Erwin Tulfo / Age

Is Raffy Tulfo in action a talk show?

His YouTube channel Raffy Tulfo in Action, which features videos from both shows, is the third-most subscribed Filipino YouTube channel as of 2021….

Raffy Tulfo
Also known as Paeng Action Man (Wanted)
Channel Raffy Tulfo in Action
Years active 2016–present
Genre Commentary, news, public service

Who is the producer of Philippines most wanted?

He has also produced shows such as Pinoy US Cops, BITAG Live, and Kilos Pronto….From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Ben Tulfo
Born Bienvenido Teshiba Tulfo March 15, 1955 (age 67) Davao, Philippines
Nationality Filipino

Who is sir Raffy Tulfo?

Rafael Teshiba Tulfo (born March 12, 1960) is a Filipino broadcast journalist, columnist, radio presenter and television personality whose work focuses on government and private sector issues.

How many Tulfo brothers are there?

Ramon “Mon” Teshiba Tulfo Jr.

Mon Tulfo
Relatives Ben Tulfo (brother) Raffy Tulfo (brother) Erwin Tulfo (brother) Wanda Tulfo Teo (sister)
Family Ramon S. Tulfo Sr. (1915–1985) (deceased) (father) Caridad Teshiba Tulfo (born 1925) (mother)
Website Mon Tulfo’s Official Website

What channel is Erwin Tulfo?

Year Title Network
2017–2018 Kilos Pronto PTV
PTV News
2020–2022 Ulat Bayan PTV

Why Raffy Tulfo is very effective in communicating to other people?

Raffy Tulfo speaks in a language that is relatable to his viewers, the masses, from which his clients also come from. Parties involved don’t even have to “attend” anything in the show; they can do it via phone patch or video call which is even more attractive in this pandemic, Tejano said.