How do I cancel a Yes Bank cheque?

How do I cancel a Yes Bank cheque?

How do I cancel a Yes Bank cheque?

Visit the official website of Yes Bank. Log in to your internet banking account using customer id and password. Select the desired option of “stop payment of cheque” from the menu. Submit the request.

What are bank charges and fees?

The term bank charge covers all charges and fees made by a bank to their customers. In common parlance, the term often relates to charges in respect of personal current accounts or checking account. These charges may take many forms, including: monthly charges for the provision of an account.

What is the finance charges of Yes Bank?

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Fee / Charge Purchase Card
Finance Charges (on overdue amount & Cash advances from the date of non-payment) # On Revolving credit: 3.0% per month (i.e. 36% annualized)
Fuel Surcharge Waiver 1% waiver on spends between INR 400 to INR 5,000. Monthly cap of INR 500 per cycle

Is Yes Bank a government bank?

Yes Bank, incorporated in 2004 by Rana Kapoor and Late Ashok Kapur, is a new age private sector bank.

Is there any charges for stop payment of cheque?

There will be charges for making a stop request. The minimum charge will be Rs. 100 and the maximum charges will be Rs. 500 depending on the condition and amount.

What happens if we stop cheque?

31: Even a “stop cheque payment” instruction to his bank can land a person in jail. The Supreme Court, in a recent judgment, has ruled that such instructions amount to an offence under the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1885, enough to send the offender behind bars.

What are the fees for bounced checks?

A bounced check penalty from a bank can cost around $35 in the form of a nonsufficient funds fee. Merchants can also charge a bounced check fee; they typically cost $20 to $40. You could face other consequences for bouncing a check, including getting written up or having the bank close your account.

How do I get my bank fees back?

Call, Email, or Write a Letter. You can get your bank to refund your overdraft fees by contacting a representative of your bank. By calling, emailing, or writing a paper letter to your bank, your fees can be waived if applicable. Be courteous when contacting them.

Is there any charges to close Yes bank account?

If you close your yes bank account before 30 days of account opening, there won’t be any charges. But if you close your yes bank after 30 days, you will be charge 590 rupees as a closing charge.

What is the minimum balance in Yes Bank?

Minimum Balance Requirement is Rs. 10000 (which can be waived off by maintaining a fixed deposit of minimum Rs. 50,000 or recurring deposit of minimum Rs. 5000 per month.

What is the full form of Yes Bank?

YES BANK stands for Youth Enterprise Scheme Bank. The founder, CEO, and managing director of the Yes Bank is Rana Kapoor.

What is minimum balance in Yes Bank?