How can I revalidate ICAI registration?

How can I revalidate ICAI registration?

How can I revalidate ICAI registration?

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  1. Revalidation of Registration 2022 for different levels of CA course under Revised Scheme of education and training.
  2. Step-1: Visit official website of ICAI Self-service portal on

How can I get revalidation letter from ICAI?

Interested candidates must visit the ICAI’s official website and then navigate to E-services, then, select the Self-Service portal. Log in with the ICAI issued credentials and then select the letter and download it.

When can I renew my IPCC registration?

Initial PCC & IPCC Registration is valid for 4 years. Revalidation of registration shall be done for further period of 4 years before expiry of initial registration.

How do I unregister ICAI?

Cancellation request can be accepted in writing by email or written application. Refund requests must include the name of participant, membership number, contact number and or transaction number.

How can I revalidate in IPCC?

Since ICAI transformed all e-services into Self Services Portal, We have to Renew/Revalidate IPCC/Final through SSP itself and there is no other option. Steps: Login to your Self-service portal through this link “ICAI Login”. If not registered, please register for SSP through this link “Application Registration Form”.

What is the procedure for revalidation of IPCC registration?

How can students revalidate in CA Intermediate Form? To revalidate in CA intermediate/IPCC students have to fill the revalidation form and pay a minimum amount of Rs 400. Students have to get renewed their registration every four years.

How do I revalidate IPCC registration in SSP portal?

What is Newfnd in CA registration?

NEWFND means the new foundation course, When foundation will be shown there that’s I don’t generally it is written like that only. In the old scheme, Foundation was CA-CPT. As you registered under new scheme for foundation, thus it is showing NEWFND.

How do I renew my IPCC registration?

How can I check my IPCC registration status?

ICAI IPCC Registration Status : Simple process for checking registration status is as follows.

  1. go to icai portal and click on e-services on upper right corner of the screen.
  2. There you will find a link named ” reprint letter” , open it.
  3. Fill d details provided at the time of registration and get the information you want.

How many attempts are allowed for IPCC registration?

Initial registration for then IPCC, now Intermediate (IPC) Course is valid for 4 years. That means 8 attempts. (yearly two) After 4 years you should revalidate it for another 4 years.

How long is ICAI registration valid?

5 years
The registration for Final Course will be valid for a period of 5 years from the date of initial registration. Further, the registration will continue to be valid as long as the student continues to appear in either or both groups of the Final exam irrespective of the period involved which may be beyond five years.