Does Air France still fly the A380?

Does Air France still fly the A380?

Does Air France still fly the A380?

The Airbus A380 has become the latest victim of the global pandemic. Air France announced today that it would be phasing out its entire fleet of double-deckers with the “definitive end” taking effect immediately rather than by the end of 2022, as previously scheduled.

Why is Air France retire the A380?

Air France said its A380s would be replaced by A350s and Boeing 787s as part of a strategy to make its fleet more competitive and reduce its environmental footprint. The carrier took delivery of its first A380 in 2009 and later added a further nine.

Where do Air France A380 fly to?

Air France’s A380 routes Air France only used the A380 from Paris CDG, and it had seven routes in 2011: Dubai; Johannesburg; Montreal; New York JFK; San Francisco; Tokyo Narita; and Washington Dulles.

Will Air France return A380?

Some airlines like Emirates have indicated that they have no plans to retire their A380s just yet. A rebound in international long-haul travel could see these superjumbos have a surge in demand. However, it’s unlikely all of Air France’s A380s will be saved, and chances are they will be scrapped and used for parts.

Is Air France bringing back the A380?

This aircraft, F-HPJB, took its final flight to Knock, Ireland, on February 20th, where it was dismantled. On May 20th, 2020, Air France revealed that the Airbus A380 would not be returning to service alongside the pandemic recovery. The remaining aircraft remain stored across two locations operated by Tarmac Aerosave.

What happens to old A380?

The final fate of the A380 Since the A380s are still in storage, they could be rescued by an airline looking to give them a new lease of life. Some of the A380s are just 10 or 11 years old, making them very young to be scrapped.

Which airport has the most A380 flights?

Dubai International Airport – DXB
1. Dubai International Airport – DXB. Dubai International Airport is the world’s busiest airport for the Airbus A380. The airport is home to Emirates, with a current fleet of 120 A380s.