Can you still buy Thomas Guides?

Can you still buy Thomas Guides?

Can you still buy Thomas Guides?

Only the L.A./Orange County and San Diego/Imperial counties guides are still produced today, but Thomas is expecting good sales. “Private car owners are a very small part of our business now,” he said. “But California state legislation says that every police and fire vehicle must have a Thomas Guide on board.

When was Thomas Guide first published?

San Bernardino, CA – first edition 1964. San Diego, CA – first edition 1951.

What happened to Thomas Brothers maps?

In 1955, George Coupland Thomas died with no heirs, leaving the company to his widow. That’s when the company was bought by its attorney, Warren Wilson, and his business partner. The map company continued to grow in the 40 years under Wilson.

How do you read a Thomas Guide?

You will find a page number and a letter-number code. The page number indicates the page holding the street map that contains your home address. The letter-number code locates your address on the page. If the letter-number code is F6, look down from the F and across from the 6–your address appears where they meet.

Where can I buy Thomas Bros products online?

We offer convenient, secure online shopping at Map Books 4 U, the source for all of your Thomas Bros. Maps and Rand McNally products. Receive GREAT PRICING on all orders and *SAME DAY SHIPPING on most Thomas Bros. Maps products!

What states are Thomas Guides available in?

We carry all AVAILABLE editions of Thomas Guides published for the states of California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Maryland, Virginia, Nevada, and the District of Columbia. Each Thomas Guide map book edition uses the distinctive Thomas Bros. Maps Page and Grid system which makes navigating quick and easy.

Who is Thomas Bros Maps owned by?

For 40 years Wilson served as CEO and owner of Thomas Bros. Maps and was responsible for leading the company into the digital age. Starting in the 1990s Wilson hired many CEOs to run the company to give him more time traveling and studying his love of art.