Are Sister Sledge real sisters?

Are Sister Sledge real sisters?

Are Sister Sledge real sisters?

Formed in 1971, the group consisted of sisters Debbie, Joni, Kim, and Kathy Sledge. The siblings achieved international success at the height of the disco era.

Who is Kathy Sledge married to?

Philip LightfootKathy Sledge / Spouse

Are Sister Sledge related to Percy Sledge?

No, Sister Sledge is an American musical group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, formed in 1972 and consisting of four singers, all of whom are sisters: Kim, Debbie, Joni, and Kathy Sledge. Percy Sledge (born November 25, 1940, in Leighton, Alabama) is a US-American R&B and soul performer.

Who was in Sister Sledge?

Debbie SledgeVocals
Kim SledgeVocalsJoni SledgeVocalsKathy SledgeLead Vocals
Sister Sledge/Members

Why did Kathy Sledge leave Sister Sledge?

Kathy left the group to pursue a solo career in 1989, while her three sisters continued to perform as Sister Sledge. After this, various lawsuits restricted her from using the name Sister Sledge at all.

Why was Kathy kicked out of Sister Sledge?

The feud was one of the most bitter in pop. After the rift in 1989, Kathy described the toll it had taken on her. She said: “They went out as a group on their own, and they had a photo shoot and didn’t invite me. And that hurt.”

How old is Kathy Sledge?

63 years (January 6, 1959)Kathy Sledge / Age

How old is Joni Sledge?

60 years (1956–2017)Joni Sledge / Age at death

Who is Percy Sledge wife?

Rosa SledgePercy Sledge / Wife (m. 1980–2015)

Is Camille Sledge related to Sister Sledge?

Camille Sledge is something of Phoenix music royalty. Not only is she the daughter of one of the R&B legends Sister Sledge, she’s the lead singer of Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra, which has become the hottest ticket in the city, making audiences dance for years now with their infectious rhythms.

What was the cause of Joni Sledge death?

Personal life and death Sledge, at age 60, was found dead by a friend at her home on March 11, 2017, in Phoenix, Arizona. Her death was originally attributed to unknown circumstances as she had no known illnesses, according to close family sources. On March 14, 2017, Sledge’s cause of death was ruled “natural causes”.

Who is the youngest member of Sister Sledge?

Kathy Sledge
Kathy Sledge (born January 6, 1959) is an American singer–songwriter and producer. Sledge is best known as the youngest and founding member of Sister Sledge, an American vocal group which is made up of her sisters that formed in 1971.