Will there be a Dark Crystal age of resistance season 2?

Will there be a Dark Crystal age of resistance season 2?

Will there be a Dark Crystal age of resistance season 2?

The Jim Henson Company’s CEO, Lisa Henson, offered a grain of hope that it could do just that back when she confirmed the series wouldn’t be getting another season, stating: “We know fans are eager to learn how this chapter of The Dark Crystal saga concludes and we’ll look for ways to tell that story in the future.”

Why did Dark Crystal season 2 Get Cancelled?

Why was season 2 of Dark Crystal canceled? One of the reasons would be because of how expensive the series is with 2,500 having worked on the first and likely a similar number going into any second season although as many point out, most of the groundwork for any second season had already been laid.

Why did the Dark Crystal get Cancelled?

And while Netflix doesn’t release viewer data, this decision suggests that the viewership for the first season just wasn’t enough to offset the time, expense and effort needed to return to Thra for another set of episodes.

Is the Netflix Dark Crystal a prequel or sequel?

The show was a prequel series to the original 1982 Jim Henson film, which tells the story of a group of young Gelflings who discover that their overlords — the evil, hideous Skeksis — are duplicitous and plan to consume their subjects’ life energy via the dark crystal in order to fuel their own.

Is Rian Jen’s father?

This suggests that Brea is Kira’s mother, and Rian is Jen’s father. The female gelfling in Kira’s memory has eye and hair color similar to Brea. She is also dressed in the same style of clothing.

What happens to DEET in The Dark Crystal?

Darkened by the power she had absorbed, Deet fled from her companions into the Endless Forest, and although Rian followed after her, Deet used the Darkening to wall him away, and vanished into the woods.

Will there be a new Dark Crystal movie?

The first teaser trailer for The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance arrived on May 30, 2019. The focus of the teaser was setting up the look and feel of the Dark Crystal world.

Should I watch Dark Crystal before the age of resistance?

If you are someone who is just curious about The Dark Crystal in general, it’s totally fine to jump into Age of Resistance without sampling the movie first. For movie fans, there’s plenty in Age of Resistance that will be familiar and ties in, and the fidelity to Henson’s original vision is really stunning.

In what order should I watch Dark Crystal?

The 10-episode series is, after all, a prequel, set “many years” before the events of the film. So, no, there’s no need to watch The Dark Crystal — whether for the first time, or the 21st — before settling in to enjoy Netflix’s Age of Resistance.

Is the Dark Crystal and Labyrinth connected?

However, it wasn’t always planned to be a prequel to that Henson film. While speaking with Collider, series creators Jeffrey Addis and Will Matthews revealed that they initially pitched the series as a sequel to the 1986 classic, Labyrinth.