Why srivilliputhur is famous for Palkova?

Why srivilliputhur is famous for Palkova?

Why srivilliputhur is famous for Palkova?

Srivilliputhur palkova that simply melts in your mouth was granted the Geographical Indication Tag (GI) in 2019 and what is interesting is that the original recipe for this traditional milk sweet came from North India but became famous in this region because of the sweet nature of the milk here.

What is Palkova called in English?

Palkova is known as khoya in hindi. This recipe can be called as coconut milk peda as it taste similar to a peda. It is called as नारियल मिठाई in hindi and தேங்காய் பால்கோவா in tamil. Click the image to know the full recipe in english/hindi/tamil.

Which city is famous for Palkova?

About 3,000 people are involved in the making and selling of the palkova in various stages at Srivilliputhur. MADURAI: The renowned Srivilliputhur palkova has bagged the Geographical Indication (GI) tag bringing much cheer to its makers who say it will go a long way to sweeten their lives.

Which sweet is famous in srivilliputhur?

Srivilliputhur Palkova
Srivilliputhur Palkova is a milk based sweet which is enriched with pure milk. Srivilliputhur Palkova is known as authentic sweet of tamilnadu due to its unique taste and quality of milk available in Srivilliputhur region.

Which shop is best for Palkova in srivilliputhur?


  • Sri Venkateswara Vilas Lala Sweet Stall. Sri Venkateswara Vilas Lala Sweet Stall is the first shop that started to sell the paalkova.
  • Puliyamarathadi Palkova – Bakiya Lakshmi Lala Sweets. Puliyamarathadi Palkova shop has been there for 3 Generations founded by Mr.
  • Mahalakshmi Sweet stall.

Who built srivilliputhur Temple?

It is said to have been built by Periyalvar, in the year 788 CE and believed to be the adopted father of the Temple Deity, with a purse of gold that he won in debates held in the palace of Pandya King Vallabhadeva. Srivilliputhur is well known for its ancient heritage and devotional contributions.

What is kova made from?

Khoya recipe Down South, khoya in telugu is ‘kova’ or ‘khoa, khoya in tamil, kannada and malayalam is also ‘kova’ and another name for khoya in hindi is mawa especially in western states of India like Rajasthan. The main and only ingredient to make khoya recipe is full fat milk.

What is special in Srivilliputhur Temple?

The Srivilliputtur divya desam has the unique distinction among all other divya desams of being the birthplace of two important alvars among the twelve alvars, sri periyalvar, who became the father-in-law of the Ranganatha himself and Andal who was the incarnation of Bhoomadevi and attained union with the Ranganathan …