Why is Bassanio worthy of Portia?

Why is Bassanio worthy of Portia?

Why is Bassanio worthy of Portia?

Before death, portia’s father set an arrangement to choose the rightful suitor for his daughter, who could value her character and not one attracted to her beauty or wealth. Many suitors attempted to pass through the test but only Bassanio could crack the value enclosed by the caskets.

Is Bassanio suitable for Portia?

However, Bassanio turns out to be a true and worthy lover who selects the right casket after careful consideration. The test proves him a wise man and a fit husband for Portia. When she defeats Shylock and saves Antonio’s life, she demonstrates that she has more common sense than the men around her.

Is Bassanio a worthy husband of Portia in Merchant of Venice?

Bassanio is a worthy husband for Portia because he is a risk taker and because they share a similar upbringing. Of all the suitors, Bassanio is the only one with a Venetian background. Like Portia, he is also a Christian.

How does Bassanio feel about Portia?

Translation: Portia is rich and hot, which makes her the most eligible bachelorette in Belmont. The heiress to her dead father’s fortune, Portia’s wealth makes her a meal ticket in the eyes of Bassanio, who sees Portia as the answer to all his financial woes—if he can marry her that is.

Who is the best suitor for Portia?

Portia is glad when two suitors, one driven by greed and another by vanity, fail to choose correctly, although she demonstrates tact to the Princes of Morocco and Arragon, who unsuccessfully seek her hand. She favoured Bassanio, a young Venetian noble, but is not allowed to give him any clues to assist in his choice.

How does Portia compare Bassanio while Bassanio was going for his choice?

A: Portia orders for music to be played while Bassanio makes his choice to create a calm atmosphere. Portia compares the music to Bassanio’s winning or losing. If he loses, it’ll be his swan song, music before the end.

Why did Portia fall in love with Bassanio?

Portia highlights her true love for Bassanio by describing her sacrifice to save Antonio as an act of love for Bassanio. Portia explains that she has never regretted doing a good deed, and likewise the cost in money and time to save Antonio represents a small price to pay to help her husband’s friend.

How did Bassanio feel after winning Portia?

Answer: Bassanio was overwhelmed to know that he has won Portia’s hand. HE felt as if he was someone who has competed for a prize and thinks that all the applause and cheers are for his success but isn’t quite sure because he is so stunned and isn’t certain if all he cheerind and praise is for him.

Why did Bassanio marry Portia?

He is a spendthrift who wasted all of his money in order to be seen as a respectable man. To regain his fortune, he is determined to marry Portia, a wealthy, intelligent heiress of Belmont. In order to ask for her hand in marriage, Bassanio and his best friend, Antonio enter into an agreement with the usurer Shylock.

Why is Bassanio the best suitor?

Bassanio had all the appreciable qualities that satisfied Portia, but others were not so good ,for which Portia forfeited their request. Most of the suitors refused to choose caskets in fear of losing Portia ,but Bassanio was quite brave and confident, that let him choose the right casket.

Why was Portia angry with Bassanio?

She then demands that Bassanio show her his ring, which he of course cannot do. Portia and Nerissa then berate their husbands for giving away the rings, and even tell them that they would prefer to sleep with the doctor and his clerk rather than with their unfaithful husbands.

Why does Portia compare Bassanio to Alcides?

Why is the ‘he’ compared to Alcides? Answer: Bassanio is being compared to Hercules or Alcides as he is also venturing for a prize in the form of Portia. His mission is also adventurous and risky as the attempt of Alcides who had to rescue the princess who was being given as a sacrifice to a sea monster.