Why has Radio 4 Extra been Cancelled?

Why has Radio 4 Extra been Cancelled?

Why has Radio 4 Extra been Cancelled?

CBBC, BBC Four and Radio 4 Extra will shut down and become online-only services, the corporation has said, as part of plans to close television and radio channels in order to focus on streaming services.

How do I get BBC Radio 4 Extra?

BBC Radio 4 Extra will be available on digital television using the same channel numbers as BBC Radio 7. Listen on Freeview and Freesat channel 708, Sky channel 0131 or Virgin Media channel 910. Some Freeview and Freesat viewers may need to perform a retune of their TV or set top box to update the channel name.

What frequency is bbc4 extra?

BBC Radio 4 Extra

Frequency DAB: 12B BBC National DAB Freesat: 708 Freeview: 708 Sky (UK only): 0131 Virgin Media: 910 Virgin Media Ireland: 929
Format Comedy Drama Entertainment
Owner BBC

Is Radio 4 Extra still broadcasting?

Receiving BBC Radio 4 Extra BBC Radio 4 Extra is available on DAB Digital Radio, Freeview, Sky Digital, Freesat, Virgin Media and TalkTalk TV, as well as over the Internet via the BBC Radio 4 Extra site. This site provides help on getting access to all of these services – see the links on the left.

What is the difference between Radio 4 and Radio 4 Extra?

“Radio 4 Extra was created to make better use of Radio 4’s incredible back catalogue and the statistics show that brilliantly made, high quality comedy and drama is timeless,” she said. The station launched in 2002 as BBC7, partly to encourage older listeners to switch to digital, but was also aimed at children.

Why can’t I get Radio 4 Extra on DAB radio?

You can listen to Radio 4 Extra online anywhere in the world, but you will not be able to pick up BBC stations broadcasting on DAB very far from UK shores. They are funded by the UK licence fee and the BBC is not permitted to re-broadcast them from other countries.

How do I get Radio 4 on DAB?

Listen to BBC Radio 4 on DAB Digital Radio You don’t need to know any numbers: just tune it in, by name. Your set is a DAB Digital Radio if it has a DAB logo on it somewhere, or if it receives BBC Radio 6 Music. You should find this station on there too, if you’re in the transmission area.

What waveband is Radio 4 Extra?

Radio 4 can be found on the following channels, frequencies and websites: DAB Listed as “BBC Radio 4”, “BBC R4”, or “Radio 4” FM 92 – 95 FM, 103-105 FM. LW 198 Long Wave.

What channel is Radio 4 on Freeview?

Freeview channel numbers

BBC TV and Radio channel numbers on Freeview
704 BBC Radio 4 PSB1
705 BBC Radio 5 Live PSB1
706 BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra PSB1
707 BBC Radio 6 Music PSB1