Why do I get 20% off at Rite Aid?

Why do I get 20% off at Rite Aid?

Why do I get 20% off at Rite Aid?

riteaid.com Senior Discount: 20% off in-store and online on wellness65+ Wednesdays (the first Wednesday of every month) and more for seniors who are 65 or older.

How do you get a Shutterstock discount?

Enter promo code SS10 at checkout to receive 10% off your next order of any standard license image subscription or image pack. Not ready to purchase yet? Enter code PICK10FREE at checkout to sign up for our FREE trial, where you can try your first 10 images/month plan for free. Learn more about Shutterstock Free Trial.

Does Rite Aid offer senior discounts?

RiteAid Wellness 65+ – Senior Discounts at RiteAid RiteAid Wellness65+ offers 20% off the entire store on the first Wednesday of every month. If you are age 65, or know someone who is, enroll for free and plan ahead to purchase your non-prescription items once a month on Wellness65+ Wednesdays.

Did Rite Aid Rewards change?

“The Rite Aid Rewards program reflects our customers’ desire for a simpler program with more ways to earn and save,” said Erik Keptner, Rite Aid’s chief marketing and merchandising officer. “We moved from a tiered program to a points-based program that allows more customers to earn rewards.

How much is a Shutterstock image?

You will pay each photo between $2.90 and $4.90 depending on the extension you choose. The other small plan is for 50 downloads a month. Priced at $125 monthly and $99 a month with an annual subscription, it’s a great way to get a considerable amount of photos, paying between $1.98 and $2.50 per image.

What is a Shutterstock standard license?

Shutterstock has two license types available, albeit both royalty-free. One is the Standard Royalty-Free License for using the images for commercial purposes: marketing, advertising, branding, and all other uses linked to business activities, looking to generate profit (there’s also an Extended license for this type).