Who was the biggest heartthrob in the 80s?

Who was the biggest heartthrob in the 80s?

Who was the biggest heartthrob in the 80s?

20 Famous ’80s Heartthrobs Then and Now

  • John Cusack. American actor, producer, and screenwriter.
  • Tony Danza. American actor and former boxer.
  • Rob Lowe. American actor.
  • Richard Gere. Actor.
  • Matt Dillon. American actor.

Who was the first heart throb?

It may be a surprise that the first Hollywood heartthrob — prior to even Rudolph Valentino — was a man named Kintarō “Sessue” Hayakawa.

Was Frank Sinatra a heartthrob?

The Heartthrob: Frank Sinatra His capacity for dramatic roles would become increasingly clear in the following decade, but the 40s saw him at the height of his romantic popularity among female fans, nicknamed the ‘bobby soxers’. Before Elvis or The Beatles, Sinatra-mania was in full flow.

Who is the biggest heartthrob ever?

Your Votes Are In: The Best Teen Heartthrob of All Time!

  • Orlando Bloom #1.
  • Johnny Depp #2.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio #3.
  • Brad Pitt #4.
  • James Dean #5.
  • Jason Priestley #6.
  • Patrick Dempsey #7.
  • Robert Pattinson #8.

What is Heart Rob?

1. Depriving of thought; ecstatic. 2. Stealing the heart or affections; winning.

Who was the heartthrob of the 40s?

1 Humphrey Bogart Humphrey Bogart is arguably one of the biggest Hollywood heartthrobs of this era.

Who were the hottest guys in the 80s?

Top 10 Sexiest Men of the 1980s

  • #8: Prince.
  • #7: Rob Lowe.
  • #6: Kurt Russell.
  • #5: John Stamos.
  • #4: Jon Bon Jovi.
  • #3: Mel Gibson.
  • #2: Patrick Swayze.
  • #1: Tom Cruise. Remember how we said Swayze was just shy of taking the top spot?

Who was the hottest girl in the 80s?

Here, the stars who gave us our best lessons in feathered waves, supermodel contouring and lipliner.

  • Debbie Harry. Media Platforms Design Team.
  • Brooke Shields. Media Platforms Design Team.
  • Phoebe Cates. Media Platforms Design Team.
  • Michelle Pfeiffer.
  • Jane Fonda.
  • Sade.
  • Madonna.
  • Lisa Bonet.

Who was the hottest woman in the 80s?

The sexiest celebs of the ’80s ranked (20 Photos)

  • #8: Heather Locklear.
  • #7: Farrah Fawcett.
  • #6: Olivia Newton-John.
  • #5: Demi Moore.
  • #4: Kathy Ireland.
  • #3: Christina Applegate.
  • #2: Jaclyn Smith.
  • #1: Michelle Pfeiffer. Via: Ranker.