Who was the announcer pod race?

Who was the announcer pod race?

Who was the announcer pod race?

TIL that Greg Proops (of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” fame) was the voice of the two-headed podrace announcer in “Phantom Menace”.

Who voiced the announcers in phantom menace?

Gregory Everett “Greg” Proops (born October 3, 1959), best known for his improvisational comedy on the first two incarnations of TV’s Whose Line is it Anyway?, was the voice of Fode in Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, the video game spin-offs Star Wars Episode I: Racer and Kinect Star Wars, and LEGO Star Wars: …

What nationality is Greg Proops?

AmericanGreg Proops / Nationality

Gregory Everett Proops (born October 3, 1959) is an American actor, stand-up comedian and television host.

How old is Padme in Episode?

Padmé Amidala makes her first film appearance in The Phantom Menace. She is introduced as the recently elected 14-year-old queen of Naboo, dedicated to ending the planet’s occupation by the Trade Federation.

What are pit droids?

A DUM-series pit droid, or simply called a pit droid, was a droid manufactured by Serv-O-Droid, Inc. and constructed in large quantities on Cyrillia by the native Cyrillians for use in labor, repair and light construction. They were also associated with repairing podracers at podracing events.

Is Greg Proops married?

Jennifer CanagaGreg Proops / Spouse (m. 1990)

Who is Greg Proops married to?

Can pit droids speak?

Throughout the movies, it is made clear that most droids (for instance R2, or the pit droids) can understand the universal common language, so why not just program them to speak it instead of the beeps and boops of droid?

What is Greg Proops doing now?

Since 2010, Proops hosts a podcast called The Smartest Man In The World, often together with his wife Jennifer Canaga, in which he talks about current events, celebrity culture, and his personal life, usually in front of a live audience. Before Smartest Man, Proops hosted a podcast called The Greg Proops Experiment.

How tall is Greg Proops height and weight?

His height is 183 cm tall, and weight is 80 Kg. Greg Proops is currently married to Jennifer Canaga with whom they married on the 14 th of February, 1990. The two met at a comedy show, liked each other and dated for quite some time. The couple currently lives in Los Angeles, California and do not have a child.

What did Greg Proops do before Smartest Man?

Before Smartest Man, Proops hosted a podcast called The Greg Proops Experiment. From 1995–1996, Proops presented Bits from Last Week’s Radio on BBC Radio 1. He did voice work for the BBC Radio 2 series Flight of the Conchords, first broadcast in September 2005.

What college did Proops go to?

Proops was born in Phoenix, Arizona, and raised in San Carlos, California, a suburb south of San Francisco, attending San Carlos High School. He attended the College of San Mateo and spearheaded the comedy duo “Proops & Brakeman”. Later, he took courses in improvisation and acting at San Francisco State University, though he never finished college.