Who was Mr. Jingeling in Cleveland Ohio?

Who was Mr. Jingeling in Cleveland Ohio?

Who was Mr. Jingeling in Cleveland Ohio?

Mr. Jingeling was first played in personal appearances by Tom Moviel, a Cleveland policeman who worked at the jail and actually carried jail cell door keys while playing the part. The television appearances were by Cleveland Play House actor Max Ellis for the first eight seasons.

Where is Mr. Jingeling?

Meet Mr. Jingeling… Catch him this holiday season as he visits places all over Northeastern Ohio, and tells stories of his many fantastical adventures. You are invited to help Mr.

Who is the new Mr. Jingeling?

Don Beck
Jingeling will return to his role as Cleveland’s iconic harbinger of Christmas. Don Beck, who has played Santa throughout Northeast Ohio for 26 years, including at Castle Noel in Medina, will step into the suit and the role as Mr. Jingeling.

What was Mr. Jingeling real name?

Max Ellis
The Mr. Jingeling role that Max Ellis had performed for almost a decade was taken over by Earl Keyes, who had been the director of the Christmas season television show. Keyes, today perhaps the better known Mr. Jingeling, continued to play the role of the jolly elf for the next thirty years.

How old is Mr. Jingeling?

Mr. Jingeling was created in 1956 by Frank Jacobi of Jacobi Advertising in Chicago to promote the toys sold at Halle’s Department Store. He was a friend of Walter Halle who was the president of the Halle Brothers Company Department Store which closed in 1982. The two exchanged regular correspondences during Mr.

Who played Captain Penny?

Ron Penfound

Ron Penfound
Penfound as Captain Penny
Born Ronald A. PenfoundJanuary 28, 1927 Elyria, Ohio, U.S.
Died September 16, 1974 (aged 47) Naples, Florida, U.S.
Occupation TV sports anchor Radio announcer Floorman

When did Higbee’s go out of business?


The Higbee Building now houses the Jack Cleveland Casino
Type Department store
Defunct 1992
Fate Converted to Dillard’s
Headquarters Cleveland, Ohio

How old was captain penny when died?


What did Captain Penny used to say?

At a show’s end, Captain Penny’s closing advice was, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool Mom.” After 1971, Penfound served as weekend weatherman and staff announcer at WEWS. He also announced for the CLEVELAND INDIANS (1969-72).