Who received a Civil War pension?

Who received a Civil War pension?

Who received a Civil War pension?

The last person in the United States to receive a Civil War-era pension died late last month at age 90. Irene Triplett received a monthly check for $73.13 from the Department of Veterans Affairs as her father, Mose Triplett, deserted the Confederates just before Gettysburg and later joined the Union army.

How do you find out if I had family in the Civil War?

The best place to research Confederate soldiers is at the various state archives and historical societies. These organizations keep state volunteer militia, regiments and Confederate pension records. Be sure to also visit local war museums and Confederate cemeteries.

Did all Civil War veterans receive pensions?

The federal government did not grant pensions to Confederate veterans or their dependents, however, southern state governments granted pensions to Confederate veterans and widows. Veterans filed for pensions in the state where they were living at the time, not the state from which they served.

Does anyone still get Civil War pensions?

Irene Triplett, the last person receiving a pension from the U.S. Civil War, has died at the age of 90. Ms. Triplett’s father, Mose Triplett, started fighting in the war for the Confederacy, but defected to the North in 1863.

How much is a Civil War pension worth?

Pension payments grew gradually over time starting with that $8/month for a completely disabled private in 1862. A law passed in 1912 increased the rate to a maximum of $30 a month for both Civil War and Mexican War veterans.

What is the US Civil War pension Index?

The Civil War Pensions Index collection contains over two million index cards for pension applications of veterans who served in the US Army between 1861 and 1900. Every person who was eligible for pension benefits was required to apply to claim them.

Does fold3 have Civil War pension records?

Records: 2,987,384 ยท Complete: 99% This publication contains index cards for pension applications of veterans who served in the U.S. Army between 1861 and 1900, including wars other than the Civil War. Records are sorted by units within regiments from each state in the Union.

When was the last Civil War pension paid out?

Irene Triplett (January 9, 1930 โ€“ May 31, 2020) was the last recipient of an American Civil War pension. Her father had fought for both the Confederacy and later the Union in the Civil War….

Irene Triplett
Relatives Phema Triplett (sister; 1925โ€“1925) Everette Mose Triplett (brother, 1933โ€“1996)