Who plays Ayaan in homeland?

Who plays Ayaan in homeland?

Who plays Ayaan in homeland?

Suraj Sharma is an Indian actor who portrayed Aayan Ibrahim on Homeland. He is best-known to international audiences for his debut role in the Oscar winning movie Life of Pi.

Who Does Carrie end up with in homeland?

officer Yevgeny
War is avoided. But Carrie essentially becomes the turned agent she’s been suspected of being all season and flees a traitor with Russian GRU officer Yevgeny (Costa Ronin). Skipping ahead two years down the line, a coda reveals Carrie and Yevgeny living together in a luxe Moscow penthouse.

Who plays aayan in Homeland season 4?

actor Suraj Sharma
Indian actor Suraj Sharma, best known for his titular character in Life of Pi, has joined the starcast of popular television terror drama series Homeland 4. The actor will play the recurring role of Aayan Ibrahim, a Pakistani medical student, who crosses path with CIA agent Carrie Mathison.

How old is Ayan Homeland?

In 2014, he portrayed Aayan Ibrahim in season 4 of the Showtime series Homeland….

Suraj Sharma
Born 21 March 1993 New Delhi, India
Alma mater St. Stephen’s College, University of Delhi
Occupation Actor
Years active 2010–present

Does Saul get killed in Homeland?

Saul was dead-set on protecting his asset at all costs, but Carrie was on a personal mission to stop a nuclear conflict from potentially killing millions.

What happened to Dennis Homeland?

He was implicated in the security breach, leading to ISI’s discovery of the embassy’s secret tunnel complex, a breach that directly led to Haissam Haqqani’s successful terrorist attack on the embassy compound. After the attack was thwarted, Boyd was detained by US marines and imprisoned in the embassy holding facility.

Who passed the razor blade in homeland?

Afsal Hamid
Status: Deceased
Date of death: 2012
Cause of death: Suicide with a razor blade given to him by Nicholas Brody
Nationality: Iraqi

Who is Franny’s father in homeland?

Nick Brody
‘Homeland’ Profile: Frannie Mathison

Franny Mathison
Father: Nick Brody (d. 2013)
Mother: Carrie Mathison
Sibling(s): Dana Brody (half-sister) Chris Brody (half-brother)
Played by: Luna and Lotta Pfitzer Claire and McKenna Keane

How old was Suraj Sharma Life of Pi?

The actor was just 17 years old when he was cast in Life of Pi. When the film hit theaters in 2012, Suraj Sharma was thrust into the spotlight, thanks to both its widespread critical acclaim and its enormous success at the box office.