Who played Waldo in Van Halen Hot For Teacher?

Who played Waldo in Van Halen Hot For Teacher?

Who played Waldo in Van Halen Hot For Teacher?

Keith Kessinger
Meet Keith Kessinger, a musician from California who, back in 2011, posted a one-man-band tribute video to his favorite Van Halen song and titled it “Hot For Waldo.” In it, Kessinger performs the Van Halen classic “Hot For Teacher” while dressed up as the iconic character in the original video from 1984 – Waldo.

Who is the girl in Hot For Teacher?

Lillian Muller
The gang over at Yahoo! have tracked down Lillian Muller, the actress who played the hot teacher in Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher” music video from 1984. Happily, Muller, now 60, is still pretty hot.

Did Eddie Van Halen play bass on Hot For Teacher?

An alternate version of “Hot for Teacher,” featuring different lyrics and Eddie Van Halen dueling with himself on bass and guitar, is among the Van Halen treasures locked up in their record label’s vault.

Did Sammy Hagar ever sing Hot For Teacher?

Sammy did not perform this track, it is just listed as part of the greatest hits Van Halen album. No lyrics available.

When did Sammy Hagar join Van Halen?

After a string of eight solo albums, culminating with the million-sellers “Standing Hampton,” “Three Lock Box” and “V.O.A.,” and hundreds of sold out concert appearances across the country, Hagar joined Van Halen in 1985 and took the band to unprecedented heights, including four consecutive No.

Who were models in Hot for Teacher video?

Two models appear as teachers in the video, Donna Rupert (1981 Miss Canada pageant runner up), who plays the chemistry teacher, and Lillian Müller, who plays the Phys Ed teacher.

Who played bass on hot for teacher?

Alex Van Halen
Warner Bros. The song features Alex Van Halen’s double bass drum performance, and its music video, featuring the band as both adults and young students. Unusually for a single, it begins with a 30-second drum solo, followed by another 30 seconds of instrumental introduction.

When did Van Halen come out with hot for teacher?

1984Hot for Teacher / Released

Who wrote the song Hot for Teacher?

David Lee Roth
Eddie Van HalenAlex Van HalenMichael Anthony
Hot for Teacher/Composers