Who played Rachel Brennan in Fair City?

Who played Rachel Brennan in Fair City?

Who played Rachel Brennan in Fair City?

Niamh Quirke
Fair City (TV Series 1989– ) – Niamh Quirke as Rachel Brennan – IMDb.

What happened Niamh in Fair City?

Fair City’s Niamh lands major new soap role after Carrigstown departure. Former Fair City actress Clelia Murphy says ‘fear’ was the driving factor in her decision to leave a secure job for pastures unknown as she confirmed she has landed a major role in the long-running BBC drama, Doctors.

Who is Ruth’s mother in fair city?

Her mother is Niamh Cassidy and her stepfather is Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. However, she is currently under the custody of Paul Brennan and attends a local school. It is believed that she is entitled to an inheritance somewhere in the region of €475 million. Her siblings Oisin Brennan, Rachel Brennan and Callum Black.

What age is Clelia Murphy?

46 years (December 5, 1975)Clelia Murphy / Age

Who is sash in Fair City?

Fair City star Stephanie Kelly is taking a break from the soap opera to go on maternity leave. The actress, who plays the character Sash Bishop, is currently expecting baby number three with her fiancé Craig Hopkins. The couple are also parents to son Zach and daughter Rosie.

How many children does Paul Brennan have?

The popular TV star is married to beloved wife Kate and together they share two children, Max and Issey. Here is everything you need to know about the man behind Paul Brennan.

Who played Suzanne in Fair City?

Sarah Flood
Suzanne Halpin (née Doyle) is a fictional character in the Irish soap opera Fair City. The character is portrayed by Sarah Flood. She was first seen on-screen during the opening episode in 1989.

Who plays Niamh in home and away?

Sinéad Cusack
Cusack in 2021
Born Jane Moira Cusack Dalkey, Dublin, Ireland
Occupation Actress
Years active 1967–present

What happened sash bishop?

Stephanie Kelly, who stars as Sash Bishop in the soap, was forced to step back due to illness. RTE announced the change to casting, stating the character will be played by Charleigh Bailey from Wednesday until Sunday.