Who owns the Seattle Aquarium?

Who owns the Seattle Aquarium?

Who owns the Seattle Aquarium?

Who owns the Aquarium? The Seattle Aquarium operates as a nonprofit 501(c)(3), through a long-term operating agreement with the City of Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation.

Is the Seattle Aquarium famous?

The Seattle Aquarium is the ninth largest aquarium in the U.S. by attendance and among the top five paid visitor attractions in the Puget Sound region. Since our opening, we’ve hosted over 27 million visitors and provided marine conservation education to two million school children.

How old is the Seattle Aquarium?

Opened in 1977, the Seattle Aquarium was owned and operated by the City of Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation until 2010, when the nonprofit Seattle Aquarium Society assumed its management—a model used by most leading zoos and aquariums across the country.

Is Seattle Aquarium a nonprofit?

The Seattle Aquarium is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization registered under EIN #91-1189249. Contact our Annual Fund Officer at (206) 693-6236 with any questions.

Why is the Seattle Aquarium famous?

The aquarium promotes marine conservation and educates over 800,000 visitors each year (including 50,000 students) on the impact of mankind on marine life. It also conducts research in these fields.

Are there sharks at Seattle Aquarium?

If you’re looking for a place to start, grab your friends and family and come by Shark and Ray Days to learn more about the sharks and skates of Puget Sound. Plus you’ll get opportunities to meet the Aquarium’s otters, seals and octopus!

Is the Seattle Aquarium big?

An expansive 20 x 40 foot viewing wall fronts this 120,000 gallon exhibit, filled with over 800 fish and invertebrate marine life, including anemones, sea stars, sea urchins and corals.

Was there a SeaWorld in Seattle?

The tragic reason Seattle Center never got a SeaWorld | KUOW News and Information.

Where does Seattle Aquarium get its animals?

Most of our collecting is done by SCUBA diving. Fish and invertebrates are collected by hand or net and transferred to a water-filled bag until we are back on the boat, where the animals are moved to a cooler.

How many animals does Seattle Aquarium have?

Regular health checks, careful observation and daily monitoring help the team provide the best care for the Aquarium’s animals. The Seattle Aquarium is home to nearly 400 species and over 12,000 individual mammals, birds fish and invertebrates.