Who owns global mountain bike network?

Who owns global mountain bike network?

Who owns global mountain bike network?

Simon Wear
Simon Wear, Founder and CEO of Play Sports Group (parent company of GMBN), said: “Welcoming Rich on board and further expanding the GMBN team will help us create even more engaging off-road content to serve our many viewers worldwide.

Who works for GMBN?

The channel is fronted by world-renowned pro riders, including: mountain bike trials legend and Road Bike Party star Martyn Ashton; former UK Gravity Enduro champion and former World Cup downhill racer, Neil “The Don” Donoghue; dirt jump and slopestyle pro, Blake Samson and award-winning MTB fanatic Andrew Dodd.

What are MTB jerseys for?

Whether you ride road or trail a cycling jersey provides the comfort you need on the longest of journeys. MTB jerseys tend to be loose fitting while road bike jerseys are figure hugging. Short sleeve cycling jerseys, made from breathable high-wicking fabrics, are designed to keep you cool and dry as you ride.

What happened to Neil Donoghue?

Since retiring from downhill racing he has switched his focus to Gravity Enduro, has taken 10th at the Megavalanche, and subsequently ratcheted up two British Gravity Enduro national titles.

Who is Rich Payne?

Rich Payne has been riding for 20 years, racing locally, nationally and at World Cup level in Four-Cross. He then focused fully on enduro and the EWS series, where he created a popular series of videos titled ‘EWS or Bust’, documenting racing as a privateer, which ‘quickly gained notoriety and empathy’.

What bike does Blake Samson ride?

UK based freerider and FMB regular, Blake Samson, re-signs with KORE for another season aboard his Saracen steeds. Check out his hilarious bike-check that went full metal.

How did Martyn Ashton become disabled?

Martyn Ashton spent five months in hospital in 2013 after crashing heavily from a three-metre-high bar performing a stunt at a Moto GP event at Silverstone. The damage to his spine left him unable to walk or cycle.

Who is rich from GMBN?

Rich Payne
Global Mountain Bike Network announces Rich Payne as new presenter. The Play Sports Group (PSG) has appointed Rich Payne as the newest presenter of its mountain bike YouTube channel, Global Mountain Bike Network (GMBN).