Who kicked barefoot in the CFL?

Who kicked barefoot in the CFL?

Who kicked barefoot in the CFL?

Henry “Hank” Ilesic (born September 7, 1959, in Edmonton, Alberta) is a former all-star punter in the Canadian Football League. He also handled place kicking and kickoffs. He was twice an all-star punter and played in the CFL for 19 seasons.

Who is the best kicker in the CFL?

Riders’ Canadian Brett Lauther: ‘I’m the best kicker in the league — no doubt’

Why did kickers go barefoot?

The reasons some kickers preferred a barefoot kick were twofold: kickers believed they could control their kicks better with their feet than they could wearing kicking cleats of the time period. Other kickers had trouble hitting the football’s “sweet spot” wearing their issued uniform cleats.

When was the last barefoot kicker?

The most recent barefooted field goal came in 2002. Jeff Wilkins of the St. Louis Rams kicked barefoot for the first seven weeks of the season. He made nine of 12 field goals, but he still decided to put a shoe on in week 8.

How old is Lou Passaglia?

68 years (June 7, 1954)Lui Passaglia / Age

When did Lui Passaglia retire?

Passaglia played his final season in the CFL in 2000 at age 46. He made 40 of 44 field goal attempts. In his last regular season game, against the Saskatchewan Roughriders, he was the quarterback for one play, jumping into the endzone from the one-yard line.

What is the longest field goal kicked in the CFL?

62 yards
The record in the CFL is 62 yards, set by Paul McCallum on October 27, 2001. High school, college and most professional football leagues offer only a three-point field goal; however, some professional leagues have encouraged more rare kicks through four-point field goals.

Who was the last barefoot kicker?

Rich Karlis
Rich Karlis gained notoriety as the NFL’s last full-time barefoot kicker. He picked up the technique during his freshman season at Cincinnati.

When did NFL kickers stop kicking barefoot?

By the early 2000s, all kickers in the league were wearing a kicking shoe of some variety. And clearly, kickers feel wearing the kicking shoe produces better (and less painful) results than kicking barefoot.