Who is the girlfriend of Hayate Gekko?

Who is the girlfriend of Hayate Gekko?

Who is the girlfriend of Hayate Gekko?

Yūgao Uzuki
Yūgao Uzuki (卯月夕顔, Uzuki Yūgao) is an Anbu of Konohagakure and the childhood friend and lover of the deceased Hayate Gekkō.

Does Hayate come back to life?

Later with the release of the Impure World Reincarnation, Hayate’s soul was returned to the afterlife.

Who was Hayate lover?

Currently there are a total of 12 people in love with Hayate, many of which he has no clue to their true feelings due to his dense nature. They are: Hinagiku, Ayumu, Ruka, Izumi, Isumi, Maria, Nagi, Sakuya, Athena, Konoha, Yomi, and Kotetsu (Homosexual).

Why was Hayate so sick?

It’s likely he had a disease that was slowly ravaging his body over the years. A less-morbid possibility is that he had trouble taking good care of himself; he couldn’t get enough sleep and he didn’t practice good hygiene. If it’s the latter option, then perhaps he just had a cold or fever.

Who is Kakashi’s Anbu partner?

Background. Yūgao as a child. In the anime, during her childhood, Yūgao was selected to join the Anbu due to her skill in kenjutsu and sensory abilities. During her early years as an Anbu, Yūgao served under Kakashi Hatake, looking up to him as a role model.

Why did Hayate get reanimated?

In the anime, Hayate was reincarnated by Kabuto to assist him in finding corpses of elite shinobi to be used as tools against the Allied Shinobi Forces. When he is reincarnated, Hayate immediately recognises Kabuto, and asks him what happened leading up to and after his death.

Who is Kotetsu’s close friend?

Kotetsu is never seen without his partner and best friend Izumo, whom he trusts explicitly in and out of combat.

Why did Sumire turn evil?

Unfortunately, she turned out to be a typical overused villain who was manipulated by her father to become a weapon capable of destroying the Leaf Village. After understanding the value of friendship, Sumire decided to betray her father, and she is now a determined shinobi who is far more calm and confident in herself.