Who is the chhagan Bhujbal?

Who is the chhagan Bhujbal?

Who is the chhagan Bhujbal?

Chhagan Bhujbal (born 15 October 1947) is an Indian politician from Maharashtra. Currently he is serving as Cabinet Minister of Food and Civil Supply, Consumer Affairs in Government of Maharashtra and Member of 14th Legislative Assembly of Maharashtra from Yeola Assembly.

Which party chhagan Bhujbal?

Nationalist Congress PartyChhagan Bhujbal / PartyThe Nationalist Congress Party is one of the eight national parties in India.The Party has described itself as a “millennial party with a modern and progressive orientation” with an ideology of “holistic democracy, ” and “Gandhian secularism” Wikipedia

What is the age of Chhagan Bhujbal?

74 years (October 15, 1947)Chhagan Bhujbal / Age

Who was the first MLA of Shiv Sena?

Wamanrao Mahdik (1925-1999) was a leader of Shiv Sena. He was the first Shiv Sena member elected to Maharashtra Legislative Assembly. He was elected from Parel constituency in 1969–70 bypoll.

Who is health minister of Maharashtra 2018?

List of Cabinet Ministers

No Name Term of office
30 Deepak Sawant 31 October 2014 – 28 June 2018
31 Eknath Shinde 28 June 2018 – 08 November 2019
32 Jayant Patil (Acting) 28 November 2019 – 30 December 2019
33 Rajesh Tope 30 December 2019 – Incumbent

What is the net worth of Sharad Pawar?

Asset declaration In 2011, Pawar declared his assets to be worth ₹120 million (equivalent to ₹210 million or US$2.8 million in 2020) as part of a mandatory disclosure, but his critics claimed that his wealth far exceeded the stated amount.

What is age of Sharad Pawar?

81 years (December 12, 1940)Sharad Pawar / Age

Who is health secretary of Maharashtra?

Head office

Minister of Public Health and Family Welfare मंत्री सार्वजनिक आरोग्य आणि कुटुंब कल्याण विभाग
Flag of India
Incumbent Rajesh Tope since 30 December 2019
Ministry of Public Health and Family Welfare (Maharashtra)
Style The Honourable

Who is health minister of Maharashtra 2021?

minister rajesh tope
maharashtra health minister rajesh tope.

What is net worth of Mukesh Ambani?

104 billion USD (2022)Mukesh Ambani / Net worth