Who is the CEO of Infibeam?

Who is the CEO of Infibeam?

Who is the CEO of Infibeam?

Vishal Mehta (Jul 2007–)Infibeam / CEO

What is the work of Infibeam?

Infibeam Avenues Limited is an Indian multinational financial technology company which provides payment services globally under the brand name CCAvenue and e-commerce software services to businesses across various industries and the Government of India.

Is Infibeam a Fintech company?

Our corporate strength Today, as a global Fintech Company we are catering to the large and diverse Business-to-Business (B2B) client segment, taking our deep understanding of global eCommerce and digital payments markets.

Who is Vishal Mehta?

Vishal Mehta is an independent trader and the founder of marketscanner.in. He previously ran Proposition Sales for Buyside and was the Charts Advocate for Refinitiv (previously Thomson Reuters) India.

How does infibeam make money?

It sells web services for which it charges merchants by way of successful transactions. Infibeam has adopted a different strategy to focus on products which are not necessarily fast selling products. However they do sell for the value that they possess.

What happened to infibeam?

The Sudden Crash The shares of Infibeam Avenues lost 73% of their value on one single day. This is because the share was being held in huge quantities by derivatives traders as well as arbitrage funds. This made the stock inherently volatile. Most of the positions being taken in this stock had short-term intent.

Should I invest in infibeam?

The stock has been trading in the momentum since then, and we have observed indicators like EMA and MACD indicating a positive momentum in the stock is likely to continue. We recommend a buy in Infibeam Avenues above 46 with a target of Rs 58 and stop loss can be placed below Rs 35.

Is Paytm buying infibeam?

Paytm spokesperson was quoted as saying, “Paytm or any of its group companies aren’t exploring any deal/arrangement/investment with these players.” PayU and Infibeam refused to comment on the story. BillDesk did not respond to ET’s queries.

Is infibeam safe?

Plz don’t go for Infibeam, it is the worst site and they would never deliver the products but block your money for 15 days for their circulation. This is not only my experience but many others. Buying agood product like Apple from Infibeam is not at all a wise decision.