Who is TG Sheppards wife?

Who is TG Sheppards wife?

Who is TG Sheppards wife?

Kelly LangT. G. Sheppard / Wife (m. 2007)

How long have TG Sheppard and Kelly Lang been married?

TG Sheppard and his wife, Kelly Lang, have been married since 2007, after dating for several years. But the singer-songwriter says that he was in love with her long before they ever tied the knot. “I’ve known my wife since she was 14 years old.

Is Kelly Lang related to Conway Twitty?

C&I talks with country-pop singer Kelly Lang about her new album, Obsession, available now. The daughter of Conway Twitty’s road manager, Kelly Lang knows her way around the music scene. When she isn’t writing hits for Jerry Lee Lewis; The Oak Ridge Boys; Ricky Skaggs; and her husband, T.G.

What is TG Sheppards real name?

William Neal BrowderT. G. Sheppard / Full name

Who is Kelly Lang’s husband?

Alex D’Andream. 1997–2014
Skott Sniderm. 1989–1995
Katherine Kelly Lang/Husband

Who was Kelly Lang first husband?

Skott Snider
Katherine Kelly Lang (born Katherine Kelly Wegeman; July 25, 1961) is an American actress….

Katherine Kelly Lang
Spouse(s) Skott Snider ​ ​ ( m. 1989; div. 1995)​ Alex D’Andrea ​ ​ ( m. 1997; div. 2014)​
Children 3
Parent(s) Keith R. Wegeman (father)

Who are Kelly Lang’s parents?

Judy Lang
Keith R. Wegeman
Katherine Kelly Lang/Parents

Who is singer Kelly Lang married to?

T. G. SheppardKelly Lang / Spouse (m. 2007)

How old is singer Moe Bandy?

78 years (February 12, 1944)Moe Bandy / Age

What does TG Sheppard stand for?

“The T.G. in my stage name is really and truly just initials,” Sheppard said. “A lot of people through the years have had fun putting what they want the initials to stand for, but they really don’t mean anything, they are just initials.

Who is Katherine Lang’s husband?