Who is stronger Ichigo or Aizen?

Who is stronger Ichigo or Aizen?

Who is stronger Ichigo or Aizen?

Finally, when Aizen’s shikai (Kyoka Suigetsu) is factored in as well, it’s clear that Ichigo is the weaker one between them.

Does Aizen respect Ichigo?

#2: Ichigo Ichigo was Aizen’s favorite science project ever. He lovingly crafted Ichigo’s power and, if you believe Aizen, orchestrated his every encounter. Ichigo may have been Aizen’s enemy, but he was also the guy that Aizen hoped to power up enough to combat his loneliness.

Who is Aizen love interest?

Aizen Sosuke, before his betrayal and ascension to Hueco Mundo, portrayed himself as an attentive and mild-mannered captain. He addressed his subordinates by their first names and was especially kind to his lieutenant Momo. Momo, for her part, appears smitten with her captain.

Who is smarter than Aizen?

10 SMARTER THAN HIM: Shikamaru Nara (Naruto) When it comes to battle strategy and setting cunning traps, no one has Shikamaru Nara beat. This boy genius has an IQ of 200 or more, and when he applies himself, he can unravel any enemy’s battle plan and capture them with a web of traps, deceptions and more.

Is Aizen the strongest villain in Bleach?

No, but he is easily the fifth strongest. Ichigo is more powerful at least with his destructive power while Ywach is the strongest Bleach character in existence. Kenpachi is above Aizen with regards to brute force too as is Yamamoto. Aizen with his intelligence and hax though is a threat even to those li.

Does Ichigo ever defeat Aizen?

Yes because ichigo truly overpowered aizen for the entire fight and won thanks to urahara’s kido. but no because the same can be argued that the reason aizen lost was because he wanted to lose deep down and become a normal soul reaper as ichigo insinuated so ichigo wasn’t who truly beat aizen.

Does Ichigo kiss anyone in Bleach?

The romance between Ichigo & Orihime had been hinted at since the beginning of Bleach, but their relationship extends even further in the manga. From the first few episodes of Bleach, it was obvious that Ichigo Kurosaki and Orihime Inoue would end up together.

Does Ichigo like Rukia from Bleach?

The answer is No. It is actually Renji and Rukia who end up together. Firstly, they have been friends longer than Ichigo has been with either of them. Plus Rukia is a lot older than Ichigo and while Ichigo has been battling at the front trying to protect everyone Renji has always stuck by Rukia. Beside above, why didn’t Rukia end up with Ichigo? The reason Orihime and Ichigo are together because you can see that their feelings are mutual towards each other.