Who is required to file a Mississippi tax return?

Who is required to file a Mississippi tax return?

Who is required to file a Mississippi tax return?

You must file a Mississippi Resident return and report total gross income, regardless of the source. You are a single resident and have gross income in excess of $8,300 plus $1,500 for each dependent.

What is combined tax return?

Combined Tax Return means a Tax Return filed in respect of U.S. federal, state, local or non-U.S. income Taxes for a Combined Group, or any other affiliated, consolidated, combined, unitary, fiscal unity or other group basis (including as permitted by Section 1501 of the Code) Tax Return of a Combined Group.

Does Mississippi accept federal extension for corporations?

Corporation – If no tax is due, Mississippi recognizes a valid federal extension. If a payment is needed file Form 83-180, Application for Automatic Six-Month Extension for Corporate Income and Franchise Tax Return, to request an automatic six-month extension.

Does Mississippi have a franchise tax?

Mississippi’s franchise tax applies to most corporations doing business in the State. The rate is $2.50 per $1,000 of the value of the capital used, invested, or employed in the State. The tax base consists of capital stock issued and outstanding, surplus and undivided profits, and true reserves.

Where do I mail form 83 180?

Mail Form 83-180 to the following address: Department of Revenue, P.O. Box 23191, Jackson, MS 39225-3191.

How is an LLC taxed in Mississippi?

Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) Standard LLCs are pass-through entities and are not required to pay income tax to either the federal government or the State of Mississippi. LLCs are also not required to pay Mississippi’s corporate franchise tax.

How do I pay franchise tax in Mississippi?

The Mississippi Department of Revenue accepts the following types of payments :

  1. You can make estimate payments, or payments for tax returns, billings or audits through your TAP account. There are no fees.
  2. Pay by credit card or e-check. Go to www.ms.gov/dor/quickpay.