Who is minister of social welfare in Punjab?

Who is minister of social welfare in Punjab?

Who is minister of social welfare in Punjab?

Minister Social Welfare, Muhammad Basharat Raja, adressging to the newly inducted officers of Local Government | Social Welfare Department.

What Is social welfare Department in Pakistan?

It serves as a bridge between public and private sectors with specialize effects and resources for the welfare of the communities vulnerable segments of the society in collaboration with the NGOs.

What Is social welfare Center?

Social welfare facilities can be roughly divided into welfare facilities for the elderly, support facilities for persons with disabilities, public assistance facilities, women’s protection facilities, and child welfare facilities, among others.

What is Population welfare Department?

The Population Welfare Programme is a social development activity aimed at reducing the population growth rate which is a necessity for developing countries like Pakistan.

How many people are on social welfare in Pakistan?

There are four major levels of social welfare.

What are the functions of social welfare department?


  • Registration, technical assistance and monitoring of social welfare agencies.
  • Social protection including institutional care, skill development and rehabilitation.
  • Registration, assessment, training, employment, and rehabilitation of disabled persons.
  • Eradication of social evils.

What is social welfare payment?

A scheme which can provide childcare for a reduced rate to people who are returning to work or on certain benefits. A payment to allow people who are getting certain payments to take part in second or third-level education courses. A means based payment to assist with back to school clothing and footwear expenses.

What is the family welfare?

Family welfare service of the social agencies has the purpose of preserving healthy family life. The aim of family case worker is to assist the individuals in the family to develop their capacities to lead personally satisfying and socially useful lives in the family unit.

What is population Welfare Department of Pakistan?

About Department The Population Welfare Program aims to bring about the country’s social and economic development through rational choices about Family size and reproductive behavior.

How is social welfare calculated?

Measures of social welfare are based on the distribution of consumption scaled by a measure of household size. We refer to this as the distribution of household equivalent Page 5 5 consumption.