Who is krux Spectrobes?

Who is krux Spectrobes?

Who is krux Spectrobes?

Krux is the main antagonist of Spectrobes series, appearing in both Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals and Spectrobes: Origins. Little is known about him in Beyond the Portals, but Origins reveals his backstory, making him out to have been a former Spectrobe Master.

How many Spectrobes are in Spectrobes Origins?

Players have the option to switch between any of the six Spectrobes they can carry with them. Spectrobes are controlled with the Wii remote.

How do you evolve Spectrobes?

When the Spectrobe is ready to evolve, it will start to sparkle, and the player must press a button on the incubator HUD in order to evolve it.

Who owns the rights to Spectrobes?

Disney Interactive Studios
Spectrobes is a science fiction action role-playing video game series owned by Disney Interactive Studios.

Who made spectrobes?

Jupiter CorporationSpectrobes / Developer

Which Spectrobes are strongest?

Ultimate Form Spectrobes
Ultimate Form Spectrobes are extremely powerful, physically massive Spectrobes. They are contained within artifacts known as Geos when not in use.

How do you evolve Komainu?

In episode 8, it is revealed that while they were traveling Rallen had excavated a second Komainu; after using the Card Input machine Rallen sees that the Komainu, at that point in the incubator, is ready to evolve; Rallen cracks open the encasing surrounding it, and the Komainu evolves into a Komanoto.

How many copies did spectrobes sell?

More than 1.6 million units of the two Spectrobes Nintendo DS games have shipped worldwide.

How many Spectrobes are there?

In addition to the 73 original Spectrobes from the previous title, Beyond the Portals boasts 112 new Spectrobes. It also introduces a new variety of Spectrobes: “Dark Spectrobes”.

When did spectrobes come out?

March 13, 2007Spectrobes / Initial release date

Who made Spectrobes Origins?

GenkiSpectrobes: Origins / Developer

Who created spectrobes?