Who is Hinder new lead singer?

Who is Hinder new lead singer?

Who is Hinder new lead singer?

– Marshal Dutton
We are proud to introduce our newest member of Hinder, vocalist – Marshal Dutton. As our loyal and beloved fans know, we have been searching to find the perfect fit for two years now and recently came to realize that it was right under our nose the entire time.

Who is the lead singer of Hinder 2022?

Austin John Winkler

Austin John Winkler
Austin on set during the “Super Jaded” music video in 2022.
Background information
Birth name Austin John Winkler
Born October 25, 1981 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, US

Is Austin Winkler a drug addict?

Winkler went into rehab for drug addiction following the recording of the band’s most recent album, 2012’s Welcome to the Freakshow. In a November 2012 interview, he told Billboard, “I was in a very, very, very dark addiction. I think you can definitely hear the turmoil in my voice.”

When did Hinder get a new lead singer?

After Winkler left the band in 2013, they looked for a new lead vocalist, and added Marshal Dutton. They have since released When The Smoke Clears (2015) and The Reign (2017) with their new vocalist.

What is Hinder worth?

Hinder formed in 2001 and released their debut studio album Extreme Behavior in 2005. The album was certified 3x Platinum and reached #1 in Australia and #6 in the United States….Austin Winkler Net Worth.

Net Worth: $3 Million
Nationality: United States of America

Did the band Hinder break up?

To All Hinder Fans, It’s with a heavy heart that I announce after 12 years of being the lead singer of Hinder, the band and I have decided to part ways. I wish the guys nothing but the best in the future.

What is Hinder real name?

Before the band formed, Austin Winkler sang in an Oklahoma City cover band until July 2001, when he met drummer Cody Hanson and lead guitarist Joe Garvey at a college party.