Who is Financial Commissioner Revenue Haryana?

Who is Financial Commissioner Revenue Haryana?

Who is Financial Commissioner Revenue Haryana?

Sh. Pranab Kishore Das

Name Designation Phone
Sh. Pranab Kishore Das, IAS Hon’ble Financial Commissioner Revenue & Addl. Chief Secretary to Government of Haryana 0172-2711925
Smt. Amna Tasneem, IAS Additional Secretary to Govt. Haryana, Revenue & Disaster Management Department 0172-2703490

Who is revenue officer in Haryana?

List of DROs

Sr .No. Name Date of appointment as District Revenue Officer
1 Capt. Vinod Sharma 09.12.2015 w.e.f. 12.03.2015
2 Rajbir Singh Dhiman 24.02.2012
3 Rajesh Khyalia 24.07.2012
4 Vijender Kumar Bhardwaj 17.01.2013

Who is current finance minister of Haryana?

Shri Manohar Lal khattar
Shri Manohar Lal khattar is the present finance minister of Haryana.

Who is additional chief secretary of Haryana?

Chief minister Uddhav Thackeray on Wednesday appointed Anand Limaye the new additional chief secretary (home) in place of Manukumar Shrivastava, who took over as the chief secretary on March 1 in place of Debashish Chakrabarty, who retired on February 28.

How many revenue divisions are there in Haryana?

6 administrative divisions
Civil administration and revenue divisions Haryana has 6 administrative divisions, 22 districts, 73 sub-divisions, 93 revenue tehsils, 50 sub-tehsils, 142 community development blocks, 154 cities and towns, 7,030 villages and 6234 villages panchayats.

What does Revenue Department mean?

The Department of Revenue is mainly responsible for the following functions: – All matters relating to levy and collection of Direct Taxes. All matters relating to levy and collection of Indirect Taxes. Investigation into economic offences and enforcement of economic laws.

What does a revenue officer do?

Revenue officers secure delinquent returns from nonfilers. They prepare or assist the taxpayer in preparing the delinquent return, computing the tax, penalty, interest due, collecting the tax or reporting it for assessment, and encourage the taxpayer to file timely returns in the future.

Who is revenue officer in India?

The term revenue officer refers to an individual who collects revenues on behalf of the government or some other agency. Revenue officers typically collect monies in the form of taxes and/or duties.

Who is the first finance minister of Haryana?

Mool Chand Jain

Babu Mool Chand Jain
Babu Mool Chand Jain (1915–1997)
Born 20 August 1915 SikanderPur Majra, Gohana, Sonepat
Died 12 September 1997 Karnal

How many departments are there in Haryana?


SN. Department URL of the Website
1 Home Department http://homeharyana.gov.in
2 Department of Agriculture and Welfare, Haryana https://agriharyana.gov.in
3 Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairying http://pashudhanharyana.gov.in
4 Directorate of Archaeology & Museums http://archaeologyharyana.nic.in

How many IAS are there in Haryana?

As a result, apart from chief secretary Sanjeev Kaushal — a 1986-batch IAS officer — the state now has 19 additional chief secretaries. Seven of these officers are expected to retire this year. The total cadre strength of IAS officers in Haryana is 215.