Who did Mallika Sherawat get married to?

Who did Mallika Sherawat get married to?

Who did Mallika Sherawat get married to?

During her brief stint as an air hostess, Sherawat married Delhi-based pilot Karan Singh Gill in 1997. She later divorced him. She kept her marriage a secret as the stigma of divorce would’ve prevented her rise in Bollywood. She dated French real estate agent Cyrille Auxenfans in 2017.

Where is Malika Sherawat now?

Los Angeles
Mallika Sherawat is currently based in Los Angeles.

Is Mallika Sherawat rich?

Now Mallika is also working in a web series. In this Article, Mallika has spoken openly about the thinking of the film industry and society….Mallika Sherawat Net Worth.

Name Mallika Sherawat
Net Worth (2022) $15 Million
Net Worth In Indian Rupees Rs. 113 Crore
Profession Indian actress
Monthly Income And Salary 25 Lakhs +

What is the real name of Mallika Sherawat?

Reema LambaMallika Sherawat / Full name

Why did Mallika Sherawat divorce?

“She (Mallika) always had thoughts of becoming rich and famous. She married (my son) Gill because she was in love with him, but married life wasn’t made for her. So, she decided to quit wedlock and lead an independent lifestyle,” Mallika’s former mother-in-law said in an interview to a popular film magazine.

What is the meaning of Mallika?

Mallika is a Hindu/Sanskrit Indian feminine given name, which means “jasmine”. Notable people with the name include: Mallika (actress), Indian actress.

Does Mallika Sherawat have kids?

Yet, as society would have it, many still feel that Mallika’s life is not yet complete because she is neither married nor does she have kids. The fact that she adores her nephew Ransher, the son of her brother Vikram Lamba, makes people wonder even more why the 42-year-old actress does not have children yet.

What is meaning of Mallika?