Who came first in sixteen?

Who came first in sixteen?

Who came first in sixteen?


Final Pos. Name 1st (Are You A Star?)
1. Nayeon Minor
2. Jeongyeon Minor
3. Dahyun Major
4. Mina Minor

What place did SANA get in sixteen?

Aftermath. Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, and Chaeyoung won TOP 7, making them a part of TWICE. Then Tzuyu won Audience Pick, and Momo won JYP choice, thus adding them to the group.

Does Twice have a new member?

During the finale, Park announced that he will add two more members into the group, making it a nine-member girl group. By audience vote, Tzuyu was added, and by Park’s choice, Momo was added, thus starting the beginning of TWICE.

How did Mina join Twice?

Mina was a trainee for a little over a year before she became a member of TWICE. She was shopping with her mom in Osaka, Japan, when she was scouted by a JYP agent who convinced her to audition. Mina passed her audition and soon became a trainee in January 2014.

Who has the longest training in Twice?

Twice pics on Twitter: “Training period For Members : Jihyo: 10years Nayeon – Jungyeon: 5years Sana – Momo – Chaeyoung Dahyun: 3years Tzuyu: year½ Mina: 1Year” / Twitter.

Is Momo still in Twice?

She is one of the three Japanese members of South Korean girl group Twice under JYP Entertainment….

Momo Hirai
Instruments Vocals
Years active 2015–present
Labels JYP Warner Japan Republic
Member of Twice JYP Nation

Who is the face of TWICE?

In 2015, Nayeon took part in the JYP idol competition show Sixteen, which selected the members for Twice from a pool of JYP trainees. She ranked second at the end of the competition and made the cut for Twice. Although Nayeon is the main face of Twice, she is not the group’s leader.

How old is Dahyun Twice?

24 years (May 28, 1998)Dahyun / Age