Who built Multan Sun Temple?

Who built Multan Sun Temple?

Who built Multan Sun Temple?

In Chach Nama, we have construction of the temple attributed to Jibawin, a devout Brahmin ruler who had supposedly buried enviable treasure underneath it; the idol was so lively that Qasim mistook it for a man, and he obtained thirteen thousand and two hundred mans of gold upon excavation.

Where is Sun Temple in old Punjab?

In old Punjab where was the famous Sun temple situated? Explanation: The Sun Temple of Multan, also known as the Aditya Sun Temple, was an ancient temple that was the base of a solar-cult dedicated to the Hindu Sun God Surya (also known as Aditya), that is located in the city of Multan, modern day Pakistan.

Which is the oldest sun temple in the world?

Konark Sun Temple
Style Kalinga
Creator Narasimhadeva I
Completed c. 1250
Site area 10.62 ha (26.2 acres)

Who found Sun Temple?

Nuzzolo and the team’s discovery featured in the show “Lost Treasures of Egypt” on National Geographic, which aired Sunday. In 1898, archaeologists working at the site discovered the sun temple of Nyuserra, also known as Neuserre or Nyuserre, the sixth king of the 5th dynasty, who ruled Egypt between 2400 and 2370 BCE.

How old is Multan city?

One of the subcontinent’s oldest cities, Multan derives its name from an idol in the temple of the sun god, a shrine of the pre-Muslim period. The city was conquered (c. 326 BC) by Alexander the Great , visited (AD 641) by the Chinese Buddhist scholar Hsüan-tsang, taken (8th cent.)

What does Multan mean?

Multan. / (ˌmʊlˈtɑːn) / noun. a city in central Pakistan, near the Chenab River.

Was Multan part of Sindh?

Multan later remain under control of Rai dynasty and Brahman Dynasty of Sindh.

Who built Multan Fort?

Katoch Dynasty Rajput
According to some estimates the original fort was built by Katoch Dynasty Rajput between 800 and 1000 B.C. However, it was later destroyed. It was rebuilt by Ranghar chiefs near the city of Multan, on a hillock separated from the city by the Ravi River.

Why is Multan called so?