Who are the interviewers in The Apprentice?

Who are the interviewers in The Apprentice?

Who are the interviewers in The Apprentice?

The final four face a grilling over their business plans as they battle it out to reach the grand finale. Brittany Carter, Stephanie Affleck, Kathryn Louise Burn and Harpreet Kaur will be interviewed by some of Alan Sugar’s most trusted business associates.

Who was the first person to be fired on The Apprentice?

Week One – Harry Mahmood Harry Mahmood was the first contestant to be eliminated from series 16.

How long are the interviews on The Apprentice?

Each interview took an hour Although viewers only see a small snippet of what each contestant has to face in the interview, they’re not let go without a proper grilling. The candidates all shared that whilst they didn’t have access to a clock in the process, interviews took at least 40 minutes.

Who are Lord Sugar’s interviewers?

Mike Soutar, Linda Plant and Claudine Collins will also return and give Lord Sugar their verdict on who should be his next business partner. The Apprentice airs on BBC One at 9 pm on Thursdays.

What happened to Claude from The Apprentice?

The Apprentice is returning to the BBC after more than a year off the air – but without Claude Littner. Lord Alan Sugar was forced to drop his aide from the latest series after he sustained a horrific injury. Littner underwent nine surgeries after falling off an electric bike in April 2021.

Where is Sam from The Apprentice now?

Sam Solovey. After being fired from the Apprentice, Sam Solovey went home and quit his job at the company he co-founded. Sam says it was hard to go back to a job like that after this amazing experience. Soon after, Sam started performing as an auctioneer for charities and corporate fundraisers.

Can Apprentice candidates use Google?

The Apprentice spokesperson explained: “Candidates do not have access to the internet on their mobile devices unless it is required by the task (for example, if they are launching a website).