Who are the 11 members of the PAW Patrol?

Who are the 11 members of the PAW Patrol?

Who are the 11 members of the PAW Patrol?

PAW Patrol is a CGI, action-adventure children series starring a pack of twelve heroic puppies (and one cat): Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Zuma, Rubble, Skye, Everest, Tracker, Tuck, Ella, Rex, Wild Cat and Liberty (the last seven of which are only occasionally part of the team) who are led by a tech-savvy 10-year-old boy …

Who was the villain in PAW Patrol?

Mayor Humdinger
Mayor Humdinger is the mayor of Foggy Bottom and the main antagonist of the PAW Patrol franchise, serving as the overarching antagonist of the first season and the main antagonist of Season 2 onwards and PAW Patrol: The Movie.

Who is the 7th member of the PAW Patrol?

Everest is a female husky who debuted in the Season 2 episode “The New Pup”. She is the PAW Patrol’s snowy mountain pup, the 7th pup, and the 9th overall member of the team (including Ryder and the PAW Patroller).

Who is the new girl on PAW Patrol?

Yara Shahidi voices Kendra Wilson, a brilliant engineer behind the designs of some of the pup’s newest gadgets and gear. Black-ish star Marsai Martin plays Liberty, a new dachshund friend to the pups. Behind her stands Ruben, voiced by Dax Shepard, and Butch, voiced by Randall Park.

Who is Princess in PAW Patrol?

The Princess of Barkingburg is a young girl who is set to eventually become queen of Barkingburg. She is a protagonist of the Mission PAW sub-series. She is the owner of Sweetie, a sneaky pup with a desire to steal the crown in an effort to become the queen. The Princess is often seen with the Earl of Barkingburg.

Who is the 8th pup in PAW Patrol?

Everest Alicia Silverman
Everest Alicia Silverman(also known as Everest Silverman McCord due to adoption) is a tomboyish Siberian Husky and the ranger rescue pup of the PAW Patrol, aswell as an Arctic expert. She is the 8th member of the team. She is Jake’s dog and K9 daughter.

Who is the 5th pup in PAW Patrol?

Rocky is one of the main protagonists in the PAW Patrol series. He is a male mixed breed Eco pup and the fifth member of the PAW Patrol.