Which worlds are in Kingdom Hearts 2?

Which worlds are in Kingdom Hearts 2?

Which worlds are in Kingdom Hearts 2?

Kingdom Hearts 2: All Worlds From The Game, Ranked

  1. 1 Radiant Garden. Radiant Garden is the best world in the game and in the first game.
  2. 2 The World That Never Was.
  3. 3 Disney Castle/Timeless River.
  4. 4 Halloween Town.
  5. 5 Olympus Coliseum.
  6. 6 Beast’s Castle.
  7. 7 Pride Lands.
  8. 8 Space Paranoids.

What is the highest level in Kingdom Hearts 2?

The level cap in Kingdom Hearts 2 is 99 and requires a grand total of 2,875,578 experience. Getting to level 99 unlocks an Achievement. Get Sora to Level 99.

Which Kingdom Hearts is Jack Skellington in?

Kingdom Hearts II Jack is a mage character and fights using his magic, which is similar to Donald and Sora’s, but with a decisively Halloween theme—his Fire magic for example, manifests as three blazing pumpkin heads. As such, his ability list is very similar to Donald’s and he tends to burn through his MP quickly.

What worlds are in each Kingdom Hearts?

These include:

  • Destiny Islands.
  • Traverse Town.
  • Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion.
  • End of the World.
  • Land of Departure/Castle Oblivion.
  • Twilight Town.
  • The World That Never Was.
  • Keyblade Graveyard.

How many hours is Kingdom Hearts 2?

Kingdom Hearts 2’s main story clocks in at 29.5 hours, and a completionist playthrough clocks in at around 66 hours.

Is Kingdom Hearts 2 the best?

Its differences in the presentation really set it apart from its predecessors. The way KH2 juggles a massive story while still enticing players to stay for the long haul is just one of the reasons why Kingdom Hearts II is the best game of the franchise.

How do you get 100% in Kingdom Hearts 2?

You must complete every mini-game with the “high score”, meet every character, and basically make sure there’s a Mickey Mouse symbol next to every entry in the journal. Be sure to have used all limits and reaction commands. You also have to complete all the Gummi Routes, collecting everything.

Is Jack Sparrow in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Jack returns as an ally in Kingdom Hearts III.