Which way should CPU cooler fan face?

Which way should CPU cooler fan face?

Which way should CPU cooler fan face?

What Direction Should The Heatsink Fan Face? Your heatsink fan should face the direction opposite of your CPU. In other words, you have to make sure the front of your CPU fan is facing the back of the heatsink. This is because it is pushing cooler air between the blades and out the back.

Does CPU cooler push or pull air?

Push is the preferred configuration for a single fan however, unless there are memory interference issues in which case moving it to the rear of the heatsink is fine too.

Which way is push on a fan?

The ceiling fan direction in summer should be counterclockwise to help create a downdraft, which creates that direct, cooling breeze. Your fan direction in winter needs to be clockwise to create an updraft and circulate warm air around the room.

How do you know if your fans are push or pull?

If there are no arrows, then you can tell by the sticker on the center of the fan. The one with the company logo on it is usually on the side that the air is flowing to. For example, if the fan is on the top of the case and the logo is facing up, then it is pulling air out of the case.

What is the correct way to use a fan?

Place your fan so that it faces the opposite wall from where most of the activity takes place in your space. This approach will drive the air to the surface, where it will bounce off, mingling with the rest of the air and cooling the space.

How do I know if my fans are backwards?

There should be an arrow on at least one out side edge of your fan indicating airflow… should be at least. Find this arrow if you can because fans still blow some air the opposite direction near the edges sometimes though most air goes the other direction in my experience.

How do I optimize my PC airflow?

Get Obstructions Out of the Way Proper cable management is essential for optimizing airflow in your PC. Ideally, you’d want as little obstructions as possible between the exhaust fans and the intake fans to allow for efficient airflow, but that’s not possible. So, it’s important that you start from the front.