Which province is Shanxi in?

Which province is Shanxi in?

Which province is Shanxi in?

The capital and largest city of the province is Taiyuan, while its next most populated prefecture-level cities are Changzhi and Datong….Shanxi.

Shanxi Province 山西省
Country China
Named for 山, shān – mountain 西, xī – west “west of the Taihang Mountains”
Capital (and largest city) Taiyuan

How many people are in Datong?


Datong 大同市 Tatung
Elevation 1,042 m (3,419 ft)
Population (2020 census)
• Prefecture-level city 3,105,591
• Density 220/km2 (570/sq mi)

What is the provincial capital of Shanxi?

The largest city and provincial capital, Taiyuan, is located in the centre of the province. Timber pagoda of the Fogong Temple, 1056, Song dynasty; at Yingxian, Shanxi province, China.

What country is Shaanxi?


Shaanxi Province 陕西省
Coordinates: 35°36′N 108°24′E
Country China
Capital (and largest city) Xi’an
Divisions 10 prefectures, 107 counties, 1745 townships

Is Shanxi poor?

In 2014, 3.29 million people and 7,993 villages in Shanxi were termed poor, with the poverty headcount ratio at 13.6 percent. China has vowed to eradicate absolute poverty by 2020.

Which one is the largest city of China?

China’s biggest cities are a travel wonderland (photos) | CNN Travel. Chongqing: With a staggering population of over 30 million, Chongqing — spanning 82,300 square kilometers — is the country’s biggest city by far.

What is the meaning of Datong?

[ dah-tawng ] SHOW IPA. / ˈdɑˈtɔŋ / PHONETIC RESPELLING. noun Pinyin. a city in northern Shanxi province, in northeastern China.

Is China overpopulated?

There are numerous reasons why China’s overpopulation is affecting the country’s economy. Higher rates of unemployment , food shortages, increasing environmental change, and a lower standard of living are all direct consequences of China’s overpopulation.

What is Shanxi known for?

Shaanxi province (map) in north-central China may be famous all the world over for its Terracotta Soldiers, but within China, it’s just as well-known for its local speciality, the biang biang mian (油泼扯面) – a form of hand pulled noodles – as for the First Emperor’s army.

What is Shaanxi Province known for?

Is Shanxi and Shaanxi the same?

(This is not intended to change the pronunciation in the slightest, which is still Shǎnxī in modern standard Mandarin. Pronouncing “Shaanxi” with a drawn-out a — Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanxi — is incorrect.) In Gwoyeu Romatzyh, a first-tone a is spelled simply a, so “Shanxi” could be said to use this as well.

Where is Datong in Shanxi?

Location of the city center in Shanxi. Datong is a prefecture-level city in northern Shanxi Province in the People’s Republic of China.

Why is Datong China’s most polluted city?

Datong is an old fashioned coal mining city, and still sits on significant reserves of this commodity. Consequently, it has developed a reputation as one of China’s most polluted cities. The Datong Coal Mining Group is based here and is China’s third largest such enterprise.

What was the capital of the Han/Xianbei Northern Wei dynasty?

Pingcheng became the capital of Han/Xianbei Northern Wei dynasty from AD 398–494. The Yungang Grottoes were constructed during the later part of this period (460–494). During the mid to late 520s, Pingcheng was the seat of Northern Wei’s Dai Commandery. The city was renamed Datong in 1048.

When were the Hanging Monastery and Yungang Grottoes built?

The renowned Hanging Monastery and Yungang Grottoes were originally constructed as far back as the Northern Wei Dynasty, and the ornate Nine-Dragon Screen built during the Ming Dynasty. Historians have claimed that the area was inhabited as early as 100,000 years ago by the Xujiayao man, said to be a descendant of Peking man.