Which of the following is a meso compound?

Which of the following is a meso compound?

Which of the following is a meso compound?

Two of these stereoisomers are enantiomers and the third is an achiral diastereomer, called a meso compound….Other Examples of meso compounds.

(+)-tartaric acid: [α]D = +13º m.p. 172 ºC
meso-tartaric acid: [α]D = 0º m.p. 140 ºC

What are meso compounds used for?

As the stereocenter is rotated, its configuration does not change. Building a molecular model when considering a possible meso compound is an invaluable tool because it allows for easy rotation of chiral carbons. An example of how rotation of a chiral carbon can reveal an internal plane of symmetry is shown below.

What is a meso product?

A meso compound or meso isomer is a non-optically active member of a set of stereoisomers, at least two of which are optically active. This means that despite containing two or more stereogenic centers, the molecule is not chiral.

Which can exist in meso form?

2,3-dichlorobutane can exist as meso compound because it possesses two chiral centres but it is optically inactive due to internal compensation caused by molecular plane of symmetry.

How many of the following is are meso?

All the four compounds (A), (B), (C) and (D) contain above mentioned features. Hence, they are meso compounds.

Which of the following is meso compound A B C D?

* So, the correct answer is B. Note: Don’t be confused with meso, stereo center and internal plane of symmetry. All compounds that have stereocenters won’t be meso compounds, the compounds which have more than two stereocenters and internal plane of symmetry are called meso compounds.

Are meso compounds mirror images?

In the simplest case, a compound with two chirality centers where there is the same set of four groups at each chirality center, the combination where the four groups are arranged such that the centers are mirror images of each other (i.e. where the molecule has an internal mirror plane) is a meso compound.

What makes a meso compound?

Just to make things clear, a meso compound is a molecule that has chiral centers but also has an internal plane of symmetry. This renders the molecule achiral: it does not have an enantiomer, and it does not rotate plane polarized light . It is similar to a phenomenon found in certain two-headed, two-tailed cats.

Is lactic acid a meso compound?

1. Lactic acid has……. (number) chiral carbons….

A. Fischer Projection
E. Isomer
F. Meso compound
G. Configurational Isomer
H. Diastereoisomers

Are all meso compounds identical?

“Meso” comes from the Greek for “middle” (relating to the presence of the plane of symmetry that divides the structure down the middle). It is not specifically a synonym for “identical”.