Which location is best for TCS training?

Which location is best for TCS training?

Which location is best for TCS training?

Here is the top 5 TCS office.

  • Bangalore.
  • Mumbai.
  • Chennai.
  • Pune.
  • Noida.

What is the salary for trainees during TCS ILP?

During the ILP or Initial Learning Program, TCS offers around Rs. 18,000 and post ILP the salary increases to about Rs. 24,000.

How can I prepare for ILP TCS?

TCS ILP is a program training for freshers ….

  1. Study yourself.
  2. Study your home.
  3. Study your surroundings.
  4. Study your loved ones around you.
  5. Study the yummy delicacies prepared for you.
  6. Lastly, study some books..no no Not related to CSE.
  7. After all those, if you still got some time..

Which location is best for TCS fresher?

If you are interested in career shift, choose Mumbai. If you want to save more, choose Kolkata. Rest all are similar- Chennai or Gurgaon/Noida. Out of all the above Bangalore and Pune are most balanced in all respect.

Does TCS fire employees after training?

They don’t fire you for low performance at least for 6 months to 1 year. They will release you from the project you are working. If you are not good for the next project, the cycle repeats.

Is TCS ILP paid or not?

In Tranning period. you will get around 14k in hand if you take his accommodation and around 17k if you do not take accommodation, i.e. TCS is paying in ILP .

Can we take leave during ILP?

During training period in ILP ,you can take max 2 leave. You will have 16 day earned leave, 7 casual leave, 10 day sick leave in a year.

What can I do after ILP in TCS?

Ans: You will be allocated to projects after you report to your base branch (where you’ll be posted) after completing your ILP. You will get projects according to your ISU or domain (ie. Banking and Financial Services, Telecom, Insurance etc.). You will get to know your ISU during your ILP.

Which language should I learn before joining TCS?

just we must thorough in c,c++,java. Mainly we do projects in java ,if u were not perfect in java,learn after your course is completed as there was a time .