Which LGA is suleja?

Which LGA is suleja?

Which LGA is suleja?

Suleja is a city in Niger State, Nigeria, pop. (2016) local government area, 260,240, just north of Abuja, capital of the Suleja Emirate….

LGA and city
Coordinates: 9°11′N 7°11′E
Country Nigeria

What is suleja known for?

Today Suleja is well known as an exporter of Gbari pottery. Cotton weaving and dyeing, with locally grown indigo, and mat making are traditional activities, but farming remains the chief occupation. Local trade is primarily in agricultural products.

Which state is suleja in Nigeria?

Niger state, Nigeria
Suleja​,​ sometimes confused ​as one of Abuja’s suburbs, due to its proximity, is one of the major cities in Niger state, Nigeria.

Is suleja a local government in Niger State?

Suleja local government area is one of local government area in Niger state Nigeria. It has its administrative headquarters located in Suleja town. It is a city and an Emirate in Niger state. The local government area was formally known as Abuja.

Is Mararaba in Abuja or Nasarawa?

Mararaba is a town in Nasarawa State, central Nigeria. It is a district of Karu Local Government Area, Nasarawa State and is among the towns that make up the Karu urban area, a conurbation of towns stretching to Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory.

Which state is Zuba located in Nigeria?

Zuba is a community in Gwagwalada Local Government Area of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nigeria. It is located in the border of Abuja central city and shares the same boundary Madalla with Niger State.

Who is the first king of Abuja?

Muhammadu Makau
Abuja Facts The 1st King of Abuja was Muhammadu Makau. He formed the Abuja Emirate in 1808 after the Fulanis invaded Zaria where he initially ruled.

How did Abuja get its name?

The name Abuja is coined out of the Hausa language and it was derived from the name Abubakar –Ja and Abubakar-Ja is derived from the name of a person called Mallam Abubakar JA and the name “Abubakar” is an Islamic name while the word “Ja” is referring to a red color in the Hausa Language; so Abubakar-Ja is literally …

Which day is Suleja market?

Saturday is Gwagwa Market and Sunday is Suleja Market, so, Halidu said, “Dutse was thinking of an appropriate day for its market day and picked Monday.

What is the population of Suleja?


Name 2022 Population
Inisa 164,161
Suleja 162,135
Sapele 161,686
Osogbo 156,694

Where is Suleja in Abuja?

The Suleja Emirate is a Hausa principality in what is now Niger State, Nigeria. The emirate was established as the Abuja Emirate during the 19th century, located just north of the site of the present-day federal capital city named Abuja….

Suleja emirate
• Emir (sarkin zazzau) Awwal Ibrahim