Which is best IIM Lucknow or FMS Delhi?

Which is best IIM Lucknow or FMS Delhi?

Which is best IIM Lucknow or FMS Delhi?

FMS has various choices of roles on offer. On the other hand, IIM Lucknow has better consulting placements owing to the consulting companies inclined towards favoring the IIM brand. For finance, both the colleges are on the same level. IIM L has a slight advantage but it is balanced by the huge batch size.

Which is better IIM or FMS?

FMS Delhi is better for an MBA. The institute is ahead of IIM Kozhikode in terms of fees, placement, ROI, cutoff, and other aspects. FMS Delhi fees are only INR 1.92 lakhs, while the average CTC for the institute is INR 32.4 LPA. So, the return on investment is pretty good.

Which is better ISB or IIM Lucknow?

The ranking order of these B-Schools is as follows. IIM A > IIM B > IIM C > IIM L > XLRI > FMS > SPJIMR > ISB. This ranking order is based on various parameters like academics, faculty, alumni base, location, ROI, brand value, batch size, etc.

Why did you choose FMS over IIM?

FMS too is an established brand under Delhi University and ranks not very far from IIM-L. If a 14+ lakh fee is not a deterrent for you, then IIM-L should be your choice given the residential campus experience. Otherwise, FMS should be your go to choice if you want an MBA at a fraction of the IIM-L fee!

What is FMS famous for?

FMS is particularly renowned for Marketing (MBA). The placements are very good in FMS. The highest package has been up to 50 Lakhs PA whereas the average package is known to be around 20 lakhs PA.

Is ISB better than Spjimr?

SPJIMR Mumbai is specific to IT and manufacturing. So, if you want to get into marketting/finance/management consulting , then ISB is the best option. Batch size at SPJIMR is 70 this year, may be 100-150 next year. At ISB its around 350-400.

Which is better ISB or Spjimr?

The difference in ROI of 12.25 Lakhs is in favor of ISB. Also, if you switch after 3 years, you will most likely gain a raise over a higher package than what you would get out of SPJIMR.

Why are FMS fees so low?

The main reason why FMS charges low fee is that it is funded by the Govt. and Delhi University(DU). Hence, it can devise a fee structure which is socially accepted and convenient for all.