Which homeopathy medicine is best for prostate?

Which homeopathy medicine is best for prostate?

Which homeopathy medicine is best for prostate?

Remedy Options

  • Chimaphilla umbellata. This remedy is often helpful when the prostate is enlarged, with urine retention and frequent urging.
  • Pulsatilla.
  • Apis mellifica.
  • Causticum.
  • Clematis.
  • Lycopodium.
  • Sabal serrulata.
  • Staphysagria.

How do you stop prostate discharge?

You may need any of the following:

  1. Alpha blockers relax the muscles in your prostate and bladder to help you urinate more easily.
  2. Antibiotics may be given to treat a bacterial infection.
  3. NSAIDs help decrease swelling and pain or fever.
  4. Prescription pain medicine may be given.
  5. Take your medicine as directed.

Can homeopathy treat prostate problems?

A recent study conducted by homeopathy practitioner and city-based doctor Girish Gupta shows that homeopathy can cure benign cases of enlarged prostate glands, a medical condition that was only believed to be curable through surgery.

How do you treat prostatic fluid?

Enlarged prostate treatments You can take alpha-blockers such as terazosin (Hytrin) or tamsulosin (Flomax) to help relax the prostate and bladder muscles. You can also take dutasteride (Avodart) or finasteride (Proscar), a different kind of medication for reducing BPH symptoms.

Is Lycopodium good for prostate?

Lycopodium (n = 21), Pulsatilla (n = 7), and Nux vomica (n = 3) were found to be most useful medicines. Conclusion: Results obtained from the study are encouraging with findings that almost 64% of patients reduced their prostatic weight significantly.

What is the home remedy for prostate infection?

Home remedies for acute prostatitis include:

  1. taking warm showers or baths.
  2. avoiding activities that put pressure on the prostate, such as bicycling.
  3. sitting on a cushion.
  4. avoiding alcohol.
  5. reducing or avoiding consumption of spicy foods.
  6. drinking plenty of fluids that do not contain caffeine.

Can prostate problems cause discharge?

Prostatitis is one of the most common prostate conditions in young and middle-aged men. Prostatitis shares many of the same signs and symptoms as BPH and prostate cancer, but these are sometimes accompanied by fever, chills, lower back pain or pelvic pain, as well as discharge through the urethra.

What is Berberis vulgaris 30c used for?

In Ayurveda, it is traditionally used to cure various infections of eye, ear and mouth, to lose weight, to heal wounds quickly, to cure piles and hemorrhoids, to treat dysentery, indigestion, uterine and vaginal disorders as well as to treat snake or Scorpion bite as an antidote.

Can homeopathic remedies help prostatitis?

The first aim of Homeopathic medicines for Prostatitis patients isto provide relief from acute symptoms, and then the natural Homeopathic remedies work to root out the chronic problem. Apis Mellifica is one of the top natural Homeopathic remedies for Acute Prostatits.

What are the signs and symptoms of prostatic fluid discharge?

Discharge of prostatic fluid after micturition and during hard stool or independent of either; urine passed tardily and without force, feels as if bladder could not be emptied thoroughly. Urine discharged in a small stream, it feels as if a swelling retarded it.

How long does Welling homeopathy treatment for prostatitis last?

Homeopathy treatment of prostatitis should be tailor-made for complete cure. Most patients with chronic or recurring Prostatitis show significant positive results in about four months. If it is chronic, the treatment may be longer for complete cure. Most cases treated with Welling Homeopathy are able to get better without any course of antibiotics.

What is the best medicine for interrupted urine flow in BPH?

Conium Maculatum – For Interrupted Urine Flow in BPH. Conium Maculatum is another extremely effective medicine for benign prostate hyperplasia. A major indication for use of Conium Maculatum is interrupted urine flow from enlarged prostate. Here the urine starts and stops several times before complete voiding.