Which country has the most Winter Olympic medals per capita?

Which country has the most Winter Olympic medals per capita?

Which country has the most Winter Olympic medals per capita?

Here are the final standings on the medal table for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games, where the medals are calculated per capita (medal count divided by population)….Ranking countries by total medals per million people.

rank 1
country Liechtenstein
total medals 1
population 38,244
medals per million people 26.15

Which country has the most Olympic gold medals per capita?

Although the United States lead the all-time Summer Olympics medal table, and the Soviet Union have the highest average medal tally per event, it is the Bahamas who has the highest medal count per capita….

Country/International Olympic Committee Bahamas
Gold 27.87
Silver 6.97
Bronze 20.91

How many medals Russia won in Sochi?

They won a total of 5 golds and 1 bronze in Sochi. Russia’s medal count in 2014, 33 (before doping disqualifications), was its highest ever in the Winter Olympics, improving on the 1994 Games, when the Russian team earned 23 medals overall, also beating the Soviet Union’s best medal count ever at the Winter Olympics.

Who has the most Olympic athletes per capita?

Vermont has sent the most athletes per capita to the Olympic Games since 2012. Despite only sending athletes to the Olympics 42 times during the last five Olympic Games, Vermont’s relatively small population means that it ranks at the top of the list with 65 athletes per 1 million people.

Who won most gold medals in Winter Olympics?

Norway broke its own record for the most gold medals won at a single Winter Olympics with 16, to go along with eight silver medals and 13 bronze medals. (Norway and Germany in 2018 both matched the record of 14 gold medals at a single Winter Olympics previously set by Canada in Vancouver 2010.)

Who won the most medals at Sochi?

The most-dominant showing by a single country in one sport at any Winter Games took place in speed skating at Sochi as the Dutch team shattered the Olympic record by winning 23 of the 36 medals that were awarded in the sport.

  • Russia finished the Games with the most gold medals (13) and the most overall medals (33).
  • Which country got the most medals per capita?

    Rank Country Population per Medal
    1 Norway 146,520
    2 Slovenia 296,991
    3 Austria 500,355
    4 Sweden 561,070

    Which country does best in the Winter Olympics?

    At the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, Norway had the most medals with 39 total — 14 gold. At the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Norway finished second behind Russia, with 26 medals — 11 gold.