Which class GI pipe is best?

Which class GI pipe is best?

Which class GI pipe is best?

No. Class of Pipe Thickness of sheet
1 Class A 2 mm
2 Class B 2.65 mm
3 Class C 3.25 mm

Which is costly GI or MS?

Question: What is costly gi or ms pipe Answer:- Gi Pipe is nothing but same MS pipe but additionally galvanized with Zinc Coating to Galvanising Standard IS4736-1986 standard to 360 gsm, So GI Pipe is costlier than MS Pipes.

What is class A GI pipe?

Class A – Light These are light gauge pipes which bear a yellow color strip for identification. They are cheaper than other classes of GI Pipes.

What is difference between Class A and Class B GI pipe?

GI PIPE — Galvanized pipe are coated with zinc. They’re classified in Type — A, B, C . We can identify by colour code marking, thickness, weight , Normally Type A is light weight , Type B is medium weight, & Type C is heavy weight.

Which colour is used for LPG pipeline?

Yellow Png Gas Pipeline, LPG GAS PIPE LINE, Thickness: 3 Mm

Color Yellow
Usage/Application Chemical Handling Pipe
Thickness 3 mm
Size 1/2 inch
Material Carbon Steel

What is the rate of MS pipe per kg?

Price Range : Rs 60-70/Kilogram.

Can GI pipe get rusted?

They are inert and do not corrode or rust. It is advisable to change from GI or mild steel, if it is also used, to one of these plastics.

What is GI pipe B?

Galvanized Iron (GI) Pipes (Threaded & Unthreaded)

Size mm 25
Class In 1″
B Thickness (mm) 3.2
Outer Diameter (mm) 34.2
Weight per Lth (kg/6m) 14.58

Is code of GI pipe?

Galvanised Steel Pipes, GI Pipes/Tubes IS:1239/IS 3589 in India.