Which area is best for PG in Bangalore?

Which area is best for PG in Bangalore?

Which area is best for PG in Bangalore?

Here you can explore the best luxury PGs across the 7 most popular localities of Bangalore.

  • PG in Bannerghatta Road.
  • Hostels in Koramangala.
  • Ladies PG in Marathahalli.
  • Gents PG in Whitefield.
  • Boys Hostels in Yelahanka.
  • PGs for Ladies in Electronic City Phase 1.
  • Gents Hostel in Electronic City Phase 2.

How much is the rent for PG in Bangalore?

This PG accommodation is all set to occupy at 4,400/-/month with an array of modern amenities. Safe and secured 4+ Sharing Female Paying Guest accommodation available for rent in Marathahalli , Bangalore. PG hostel is offered at a low cost of just 4,800/-.

Can couples stay in Zolo?

The below properties are ideal for both men and women. Also, suitable for students as well as working professionals who are looking for a comfortable and hassle-free stay. You are sure to experience comfort and freedom which you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

Can a boy and girl live-in same room in Zolo?

Co-living provides a great living atmosphere for bachelor’s. You can choose from unisex co-living spaces or go for only male or only female spaces as per your choice. You can choose whatever you are comfortable with.

Are couples allowed in Colive?

Hence, live-in relationships are legal in India.

Does PG provide food?

A PG or ‘paying guest’ is a place where you literally pay to be a guest at someone else’s house. They give you food and space to live, while you pay them a monthly rent.

Can girls and boys stay in same room Zolo?

For a resident’s safety and security reasons, Zolo has a few rules and regulations and among them are Visitors Hosting Policies. Opposite gender guests (except parents) are only allowed to visit you in the activity area. Zolo properties host a guest until 8 PM ONLY.

Can a boy and girl live in same room in Zolo?

Is live in relationship legal in Bangalore?

Live in relationship sex or cohabitation with any married party is completely illegal and criminal in nature. The aggrieved party can file for a criminal case of adultery under section 497 of the Indian Penal Code.